Miscellanea Dux

Once upon a time, this was intended as the Leader Family website. Howsomever, it turned out that Dux is the only one interested at present, so this site now contains items relating to Medieval re-enactment, some tribute material formerly on another site, and anything else which takes my fancy. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Anzac Day 2017 - the original purpose for this site has now been partly met with the public launch of our Allied Clans of Leader & Gurney Family Tree.

  1. Medieval Pages
  2. Absent Friends - Remembrance Pages
  3. Other Interesting Things
    • 2009 - My new career as a goldsmith/jeweller in Oamaru's Historical Precinct:
      Gold Moon's Grand Opening by the Arch-Wizard of New Zealand.
    • Online shopping for shiny-things Gold Moon - Handcrafted Metals & Gems

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