Date about 1945
Description to Ken Gurney - see Note


"Phyl was a Newfie**. Was a CWAC - Corporal Best - already [when the war broke out?]. She was going out with, and possibly engaged to, a Seaman who was torpedoed. She went over to meet his family anyway, and met Ken [Gurney] on the ship returning from flight training in Canada. When Ken came home on furlough [to Watford] there was a letter waiting from Corporal Best (who the family didn't realise was female!). Phyl came down with tonsilitis and was in hospital in Leesdon near Watford, so she came for a week's R&R with the Gurneys!!

They were married in Watford around 1945. Phyl delayed her demobilisation after the war until Ken was demobbed, then they went to Newfoundland.   ref: CWEJL

** [from Newfoundland]

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