Military Service

Date 1941-10-00
Description Enlistment date; service: Artillery Captain , Bonded Courier, Coastal Battery - See Notes


"Dad says re Granddad Leader he was  Captain of the 59th Field Artillery based at Camp Shiloh Manitoba. He was too old to be posted to active service (combat) He was promoted to Major by Colonel Bliss commander artillery at Shiloh. He still did not qualify for combat because of his age so stole the colonels car and went for a wild w/end to Winnipeg. MPs caught him and brought him back to Shiloh where he was busted back to captain and posted to a coastal artillery battery on the east coast. Dad can fill you in on lots more bits and pieces on later movements, some of which I probably haven't heard either." ref: 130814EJL

vs which says "Captain of the 59th Battalion of Brandon. Now the 26th Field Artillery Regiment" ref: 26FA

Camp Shilo os Brandon: see ECCS


"My father kept volunteering [to go overseas] but he was too old; every promotion [eventually to Major] the age was raised! He got up to highjinks**, was demoted to Captain,  and then served in the Reserve Coastal Batteries on both coasts. The West Coast was anti-aircraft artillery against the Japanese threat, [the East Coast was anti-U-Boat]. He then acted as a Courier (briefcase handcuffed to wrist) across to the UK several times. He kept applying and near the end of the War was posted to the UK, and then on to two places in Holland." ref CWTWL

** see ref email 130814EJL

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