Military Service

Date 1867-05-27
Place Westminster, London City & Greater London, England
Description 64th Regiment of Foot - see Notes


"Did come across that army paybook which my bro Ken passed on to me  telling me it was our Dad's. It turned out it must have been his father's James Gurney Pvte 1533 in the 64th Regiment of Foot enlisted in Westminster in May 1867, aged 20 and served just about 10 years a lot of it in Malta." email EJ Leader, 14 August 2013

Also: joined in London Westminster - from 131027 EJ Leader email abbrv.txt

27 Dec 2014: full paybook scanned in.

Source References

  1. British Army Pay Book
      • Page: James Gurneys' Pay Book - 64th Regiment of Foot - complete with enlistment and discharge


  1. Gurney, JAMES