Date 1952-08-21
Place Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Description Pre-examination certificate for US Immigration


US Records of Aliens Pre-examined in Canada (Form I 448): Elizabeth Clarenda Splan, traveling alone; born 29 Jan 1904, Cypress River, Manitoba; age 48; Divorced; Occupation: Photographer; Reads and writes; Language: English; Race: English; Nationality: Canada; Last residence: 642 14th Street, Brandon, Manitoba; Father: William Splan 1941 Angus Street, Regina Saskatchewan; Visited the US two times previously; Destination: Sis-in-law, Mrs D H Mackenzie, 5223 Repe?to St, Los Agnels [sic] 20, Calif.; Money shown; 800; Purpose in coming: Reside permanent; Head Tax status: NWA 3200; 5'4", fair complexion; brown hair, blue eyes, no distinguishing marks; arrival TWA ? Flight No 21 ?

Reverse: PP-4-229942; Valid to 28 Jan 1957; Form 256A ?I-1732319 issued at Winnipeg Manitoba 20 Aug 1957 [sic]

Seal: Admitted 21 August 1952, US Dept of Justice, Immig, and Natzn Service

Source References

  1. US Records of Aliens Pre-examined in Canada (Form I 448)
      • Page: Stamped Admitted Aug 21 1952; PPP-4-229242, valid until Aug 20 1957 [Passport #?]