Date 1898-08-14
Place Watford, Hertfordshire, England


"aged about 36 when FRED 6 weeks old and MAGGIE about 12 years I think" in GFV2

"aged about 36 when Fred 6 wks olds and MAGGIE about 12 years ROSE was 10. FRED was old enough to lie about his age in 1st WW and got gassed in France. Approximately 2 years age difference in children. " in GFV1

SJL: therefore if Rose was born 1889, Maggie 1887, then Fred would be approximately 1901 (Rose and Maggie in GFV1, no dates for Maggie GFV2).

WWI from 1914-1918. Tear Gas used in Aug 1914 by French and Oct 1914 by Germans; chemical gas (Chlorine) by Jan 1915 by Germany, 1917 Mustard Gas (Germany). So if Fred was a brawny 14+ years old might have gotten in.

This suggests George was born in 1863-65.

[Information on Gas from Wikipedia article.]

Ken Gurney Family Tree scanned 9/2013: gives 1862-1898, have amended

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