Military Service

Date 1915-12-11
Description Army Veterinary Corps


"Re My Dad and WW1 as far as I know he was in the Army Veterinary Corp for there was teasing about having won a VC!!!! Certainly was in N Africa but where else I have no idea. Sounds like looking after health of the animals and even just getting them fed and watered was quite a problem. and treating injuries another field plus disposing of them." ref 130814EJL


Gurney, George AVC [Army Veterinary Corps] Pvte SE 12875

Medal             Role                               Page
Victory            RAVC/101B20            1049
British             do                                  do          [=ditto]
Star                RAVC/6B                     470         [NB the number '15' is written before 'Star']

Theatre of War first served in: II
Date of entry therein: 11-12-15

[Transcribed from Medals Card - SJL]

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  1. Gurney, GEORGE