Date 1889-01-23
Place USA
Description adopted


1901 Census of Canada:
Splan: Samuel 68, wife Alma 46, and adopted son Adris  Perrault [?] 17.
DoBs: Dec 17 1832, Jan 14 1855, Jan 23? 1889.
Born: Samuel and Alma - Ontario; Adris - USA
Racial/Tribal Origin: Danish**; Scotch; French
Nationality: Canadian - all [possibly English for Samuel]
Religion: Samuel and Alma - C of E(?); Adris - Roman Catholic
Occupation: Samuel is a Farmer.
Education: All can read, write, and speak English; Adris can also speak French;
Mother tongue: Samuel and Alma English; Adris - French.

** This is the only reference to Denmark found to date which may explain the story from TAL that the Splans were from Denmark. All other records clearly show as Irish.

Source References

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  1. Perrault (sp?), Adris (sp?)