Goderich Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada

County Huron County
Country Canada


Kinloss is now Huron-Kinloss township in Bruce, Ontario. Wikipedia says:
"The area was founded as a Scottish settlement in the mid-19th century by 109 families forced to leave the Isle Of Lewis during the Highland Clearances. The first post office at Ripley opened in 1857, and many of its original settlers are buried in the local Lewis Gaelic cemetery."

[The article also notes that residents work at Kincardine or Goderich (Huron County) so they are not far apart.]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huron-Kinloss 15 Oct 2013


  1. Cronyn, ELLEN EVELYN
  2. Splan, Ann
  3. Splan, Esther
  4. Splan, Frances
  5. Splan, George
  6. Splan, Richard
  7. Splan, SAMUEL
  8. Splan, THOMAS
  9. Splan, THOMAS
  10. Splan, William
  11. Webb, ANNE
  12. Weston, ELIZABETH
  13. Weston, ELIZABETH
  14. Weston, GEORGE
  15. Weston, John
  16. Weston, Walter