Hedley, Emma

Birth Name Hedley, Emma
Gender female
Age at Death 86 years, 3 months, 6 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1870-09-26   1901 Census; Sep 1871 in 1911 Census
1a 2a
Birth 1870-11-04 Kinloss Township, Bruce, Ontario, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada RootsWeb - Hedley Family Tree, maybe Greenock - see Note
Event Note

RootsWeb Paterson Family Tree has "abt 1872, Greenock Tsp, Bruce Co, ON" but leaving with the RootsWeb Hedley FT as "4 Nov 1870 in Kinloss Tsp, ON" as is in their direct family line and the Paterson FT notes is not their ancestor. Both agree on marriage date and place.

MB Adeline also listed as Greenock so may be area name change.

Paterson is katevair@gmail.com last amendment 2013-04-01

Marriage 1894-07-11 Bervie, Kincardine, Bruce, Ontario, Kincardine Township, Bruce, Ontario, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada ON-BMD; Thomas Splan - RootsWeb - Hedley Family Tree
Residence 1901 McDonald, Manitoba, Canada 1901 Census - see Note
Event Note

1901 Census of Canada:
Splan: Thomas (Jr)  31 (14 Sept 1869) and Emma 30 (26 Sept 1870), dwelling #33.
Born: Ontario (both)
Racial or tribal origin: English (both)
Religion: unclear
Thomas is a Farmer working on his own account
Both read, write, and speak English but not French

Death 1957   RootsWeb - Hedley Family Tree


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hedley, John
Mother Johnston, Margaret
         Hedley, Emma


    Family of Splan, Thomas and Hedley, Emma
Married Husband Splan, Thomas


A full, if in places inaccurate, picture of Emma Hedley's tree can be found at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~hedley/ and is saved as: 9,2 EmmaHedley and Thomas Splan.htm. Site created by Jacquie (Hedley) Emerson and David Hedley - genealogy@hedley.ca. There is a photo of Thomas and Emma on this site and a picture of her gravestone.


  1. Hedley, John
    1. Johnston, Margaret
      1. Hedley, Emma
        1. Splan, Thomas


Source References

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