McKenzie, Gordon Russell 1a

Birth Name McKenzie, Gordon Russell
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Military Service after 1914   Fought in WW1 - see Note 2
Event Note

"Granda Betty's sister Sylvia's husband Gordon McKenzie fought in WW1 and ......" DAD - WHAT ELSE DID YOU SAY?? - ref: CWTWL

Marriage 1922-10-28 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Gordon McKenzie 3a 4
Marriage 1922-10-28 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Rita/Cora Reta Splan  


Family of McKenzie, Gordon Russell and Splan, Sylva Irene

Married Wife Splan, Sylva Irene ( * 1900-07-28 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
[Living], [Living]


    1. McKenzie, Gordon Russell
      1. Splan, Sylva Irene
        1. [Living], [Living]

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