Keely, Francis

Birth Name Keely, Francis
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Baptism 1764-12-09 Yaxley, Suffolk, England natural son 1a 2a
Event Note

FreeReg transcription has "Yaxley" as father's first name. Have suggested a re-look. - SJL
Next day - reviewing C Partridge's 1950-51 transcription of the Yaxley Registers and he suggests same thing, giving Mary's last name as Abbot and suggesting is their base-born son. Docs sent through the FreeReg. - SJL

Burial 1779-08-25 Yaxley, Suffolk, England possible 1b


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Keely, Francis
Mother Abbot, Mary
         Keely, Francis 1764-12-09 1779-08-25
    Sister     Keely, Hannah 1765-11-17 1788-12-26
    Sister     Keely, Mary 1768-03-06 1770-08-22
    Brother     Keely, Richard 1771-03-31
    Brother     Keely, John 1777-07-13
    Sister     Keely, Lydia 1780-01-30

Source References

  1. FreeReg
      • Page: Parish Register; 1777 John Keely bap.jpg
      • Page: Transcript; 1779 possible Francis Keely b 1764 bur.jpg
      • Citation:

        Possible as only two Francis's in Yaxley - this child and his father. However, as another child is born the following year seems more likely to be the child, but may be a posthumous child. - SJL

  2. Transcription by C Partridge: Suffolk Parish Registers, Parish Chest, transcriptions Gravestones including Yaxley 1560-1563, 1684-1753
      • Page: pg 195; 1764 Francis Abbot Keely bap record-image_3Q9M-CSHM-PQ3Y-L.jpg