Wiatt, Lulu Mae

Birth Name Wiatt, Lulu Mae
Gender female
Age at Death 70 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1891 Missouri, USA  
Marriage     1st: Windrum
Marriage 1935-06-26 Scobey, Daniels, Montana, USA 2. Lula Mae Windrum nee Wiatt
Event Note

William M Splan, 60, previously married, born Clinton, Ontario (son of Thomas Splan and Elizabeth Weston) and Lula Mae Windrum, 44, previously married, born born Missouri, USA (daughter of William Wiatt and mother's maiden name Lula), both residing at Regina, Saskatchewan, were married by A Kloss, Justice of the Peace. Witnesses Mrs Rula Hamilton and Inez A Kloss. Scobey, Daniels, Montana.

Residence 1949 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 1941 Angus Street [Regina presumed because of 1953 Voters Lists]
Event Note

1949 Canada Voters Lists:
Splan: living at 1491 Angus Street: William (retired) and Mrs LM Splan; also: Arthur (janitor) and Mrs A Langston, Fred Watson (retired); Dan Chisholm (govt. tel.), Stibbard Normand (caretaker)

Residence 1953-06-30 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 1941 Angus Street
Event Note

1953 Canada Voters Lists:
Splan:  living at 1491 Angus Street: William (retired) and Lula May Splan; also: Arthur (retired) and Mrs Alice Langston, Mrs Mary Ann Wyatt (retired); Myron Hofos (plumber), Daniel Chisholm (telephones), Chris Edwards (caretaker), Norman Stibb (caretaker)

Death 1961 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Saskatchewan Residents Index


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Wiatt, William
Mother Lula
         Wiatt, Lulu Mae


    Family of Splan, WILLIAM and Wiatt, Lulu Mae
Married Husband Splan, WILLIAM


  1. Wiatt, William
    1. Lula
      1. Wiatt, Lulu Mae
        1. Splan, WILLIAM


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