Hill, Wm

Birth Name Hill, Wm
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1854   1861 Census of Canada
Census 1861-01-14 Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada  
Event Note

1861 Census of Canada:
Leader: Isabella 20; Hile [Hill]: Robert 29, Jane (nee Leader) 28, Wm 7, Robt 5,  Thos John 4,  Brittania 2.
Occupation: Isabella is a Dressmaker; Robert is a Labourer
Born: England - the adults, UC [Upper Canada] - the children
Religion: EC - all
Dwelling: Log, 1 1/2 storey, 1 family



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hill, Robert
Mother Leeder, Jane
         Hill, Wm
    Brother     Hill, [Living]
    Brother     Hill, [Living]
    Sister     Hill, [Living]
    Sister     Hill, [Living]


  1. Hill, Robert
    1. Leeder, Jane
      1. Hill, [Living]
      2. Hill, [Living]
      3. Hill, [Living]
      4. Hill, [Living]
      5. Hill, Wm


Source References

  1. 1861 Census of Canada
      • Page: 1861 Census of Canada/ON/District 1/Twnshp of Guelph/Wellington/pg 4/ln 13-19; 1861 Isabella 4108430_00012.pdf