Horwood 1a

Birth Name Horwood
Gender unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth     before Maggie - only survived few months - HF-JB


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Horwood, GEORGE AUSTIN
Mother Parrott, HARRIET
    Sister     Horwood
    Sister     Horwood, Maggie
    Sibling     Horwood
    Sibling     Horwood
    Sister     Horwood, ROSE
    Brother     Horwood, [Living]
    Brother     Horwood, Jack
    Sister     Horwood, Harriet (Hettie)
    Sister     Horwood, Winifred
    Brother     Horwood, Fred Austin


  1. Horwood, GEORGE AUSTIN
    1. Parrott, HARRIET
      1. Horwood, [Living]
      2. Horwood
      3. Horwood
      4. Horwood
      5. Horwood
      6. Horwood, Maggie
      7. Horwood, ROSE
      8. Horwood, Jack
      9. Horwood, Harriet (Hettie)
      10. Horwood, Winifred
      11. Horwood, Fred Austin


Source References

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