Horwood, Susana

Birth Name Horwood, Susana
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1831    
Residence 1841-06-06 Linslade, Bedfordshire, England Railway Tavern
Event Note

1841 Census of England:
Horwood: Austin 40, Susana 40, Thomas 15, Jemima 15, Susana 10, Charles 5, Martha 3.
Occupation: - Austin - Publican
Born in County - all except Jemima, Susana (10), and Charles.
Stand-alone dwelling.

NB in the 1841 Census people over 15 had their ages rounded *down* to the nearest five - so Austin and Susana's  birth dates could range from 1797-1801, and Thomas and Jemima's from 1822-1826.



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Horwood, AUSTIN
Mother Mortimer, SUSANA
    Brother     Horwood, Thomas
    Sister     Horwood, Jemima
         Horwood, Susana
    Brother     Horwood, CHARLES
    Sister     Horwood, Martha


  1. Horwood, AUSTIN
    1. Mortimer, SUSANA
      1. Horwood, Thomas
      2. Horwood, Jemima
      3. Horwood, Susana
      4. Horwood, CHARLES
      5. Horwood, Martha


Source References

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      • Citation:

        "All that part of the Parish of Linslade comprising Osborns Wharf, the Boats that may be
        in dock upon the Grand Junction Canal on the north side of the Canal Bridge, the South side of the Chelsea to a House in the occupation of William Tavener, the Railway Tavern Public House,  & those adjoining; the Elephant & Castle to the Railway Station House. Rock Lane. The Houses in the Soulbury (?) Road beyond the Bridge. The north side of Chelsea to Mr Osborns House, Linslade Lane; Bofsington Lane. The Lock House near to the Canal, the Globe Beer Shop to Linslade."

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