Leader, Marjorie/Maria 1

Birth Name Leader, Marjorie/Maria
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1830 Suffolk, England  
Event Note

Leader Family record has Margery, no date and implies Guelph; Bunnage has 1831; bluesgrass has 1820 - all for Maria; presume same as the probable Joshua and Elisabeth have daughter Margery in 1881 Census

Religion     Anglican


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leader, WILLIAM
Mother Aldrich, JANE
         Leader, Marjorie/Maria
    Brother     Leader, Joshua
    Sister     Leeder, Jane
    Sister     Leader, Susannah
    Brother     Leader, Henry
    Sister     Leader, Isabelle
    Brother     Leader, THOMAS
    Brother     Leader, Robert
    Brother     Leader, Frederick/Shadrach
    Sister     Leader, Ellen
    Brother     Leader, Henry
    Brother     Leader, Ephriam
    Brother     Leader, William


  1. Leader, WILLIAM
    1. Aldrich, JANE
      1. Leader, Susannah
      2. Leader, Henry
      3. Leader, Marjorie/Maria
      4. Leader, Joshua
      5. Leeder, Jane
      6. Leader, Isabelle
      7. Leader, THOMAS
      8. Leader, Robert
      9. Leader, Ellen
      10. Leader, Frederick/Shadrach
      11. Leader, Henry
      12. Leader, Ephriam
      13. Leader, William


Source References

  1. William Leader 1804 & descendants