Foisie, Louis John

Birth Name Foisie, Louis John
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1873-07-03 Bentinck, Grey, Grey County, Ontario, Canada Birth Reg to enter
Event Note

Birth registered by John Lynch, M E Minister, on 3rd March 1874.

Residence 1871 Bentinck, Grey, Grey County, Ontario, Canada 1871 Census
Event Note

1871 Census of Canada:
Foisie:  Louis 40, Mary 40, Ann 16, Emma 14, Elizabeth 11, Lenna 7, Joshua 6, Ezeikiel 3, and John 10mths (b. June).
Born: Louis - Q [Quebec?], Mary England, children all Ontario.
Religion: Methodist Episcopal [transcriber's decision]
Origin:Mary - English, Louis and children - French
Occupation: Louis is a Farmer.

Residence   Bentinck, Grey, Grey County, Ontario, Canada 1881 Census
Event Note

1881 Census of Canada:
Fosie: Louis 51, Mary 51, Sarah A 25, Joshua 15,  Ezekeil [sic] 12, Louis 7.
[Using data from "1881 Census of Canada -"  as the original - 1881CensusofCanadaForLouisFosie.jpg - very hard to read.]

Immigration 1887 Cypress Township, Cavalier County, North Dakota, USA to US - see Note
Marriage about 1898   1900 US Census
Residence 1900-06-00 Cypress Township, Cavalier County, North Dakota, USA 1900 US Census
Event Note

1900 US Census: Foisie - Louis 26, Rebecka 19, have been married 2 years and both were born in Canada. Louis's father was born in France, his mother in England; both Rebecka's parents were born in Canada. Louis immigrated in 1887 (see Joshua Foisie further up page) and Rebecka in 1898 (to marry Louis?) Louis is a farmer and both read, write, and speak English and their farm is freehold.

Occupation 1900-06-01 Cypress Township, Cavalier County, North Dakota, USA Farmer


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Foisie, LOUIS
Mother Johnson, MARY
    Sister     Foisie, Mary Jane
    Sister     Foisie, Sarah Anna
    Sister     Foisie, Emma
    Sister     Foisie, [Living]
    Sister     Foisie, LENA
    Brother     Foisie, Joshua
    Brother     Foisie, [Living]
         Foisie, Louis John
    Brother     Foisie, [Living]
    Brother     Foisie, [Living]
    Sister     Foisie, ?Johanna


    Family of Foisie, Louis John and Blundell/Blindell, Rebecca Emma
Married Wife Blundell/Blindell, Rebecca Emma
  1. Foisie, Pauline Louise


  1. Foisie, LOUIS
    1. Johnson, MARY
      1. Foisie, [Living]
      2. Foisie, [Living]
      3. Foisie, [Living]
      4. Foisie, [Living]
      5. Foisie, ?Johanna
      6. Foisie, Mary Jane
      7. Foisie, Sarah Anna
      8. Foisie, Emma
      9. Foisie, LENA
      10. Foisie, Joshua
      11. Foisie, Louis John
        1. Blundell/Blindell, Rebecca Emma
          1. Foisie, Pauline Louise


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