Best, Seebert

Birth Name Best, Seebert
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1892    
Marriage 1914-10-07 St John, Newfoundland, Canada  
Event Note

Witnesses: Charles Horwood, Belle Adams; Seebert is a Clerk.

Marriage about 1914   from scanned Ken Gurney Family Tree 9/2013
Residence 1935 St John, Newfoundland, Canada Power or Powis St, St John's West
Event Note

1935 Census Newfoundland and Labrador:
Best: Eliza. Residing at 63 Power/Powis St is Eliza Best, 73 Widow*, and her son George 29, who is a Labourer. They use 3 rooms of the home Eliza owns, and have lodgers at $10/month - Lloyd and Mary Bursey (27 and 22) and they use 2 rooms. Lloyd is a Grocer at ?Bowrings? and he has earned $600 in the last year. George and he has earned $50 in the last year. Eliza's house is worth $2000.

Residing at 63a Power/Powis St is Eliza's son Seebert (transcribed Seaward) 43, and his wife Minnie 44, and their six children: Evelyn 20, Edith 18, Myrtle 17, Irene 16, Phyllis 13, Wallace 9, and Violet 6. Seebert is a Clerk ant the Express Office and he has earned $1080 in the last year. They also pay rent of $10/month for 7 rooms - possibly to their mother.

No-one owns a radio.

* implies date of death for George before 1935



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Best, George Taylor
Mother Mahoney, Eliza
    Brother     Best, Samuel
    Brother     Best, Gilbert
         Best, Seebert
    Sister     Best, Mary Ann
    Brother     Best, John Lambert
    Sister     Best, Maud Reid Thelma


    Family of Best, Seebert and Adams, Minnie Emma
Married Wife Adams, Minnie Emma
  1. Best, [Living]
  2. Best, [Living]
  3. Best, [Living]
  4. Best, [Living]
  5. Best, [Living]
  6. Best, [Living]
  7. Best, Phyllis Beatrice


  1. Best, George Taylor
    1. Mahoney, Eliza
      1. Best, Gilbert
      2. Best, Seebert
        1. Adams, Minnie Emma
          1. Best, [Living]
          2. Best, [Living]
          3. Best, [Living]
          4. Best, [Living]
          5. Best, Phyllis Beatrice
          6. Best, [Living]
          7. Best, [Living]
      3. Best, Mary Ann
      4. Best, John Lambert
      5. Best, Samuel
      6. Best, Maud Reid Thelma


Source References

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