Nick Name (Grandma Betty) Betty/Bette
Gender female
Age at Death 69 years, 4 months, 11 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1904-01-29 Rural Municipality of Victoria, Manitoba, Canada Uses "Elizabeth Clare" - name + place RootsWeb Paterson FT; also Index to Alien Case Files, USA
Event Note

"Passport  issued Jan 28 1952 and copy of birth for Grandma Betty says Elizabeth Clarenda Splan, b Jan 29 1904 1/2 mile south of Cypress River Manitoba Portage la Prairie."

Email from EJ Leader 16 Oct 2013

Birth 1904-01-00   1906 Census - "Lizzie"; 1911 Census - "Lina"
6a 7a
Residence 1906-07-14 McDonald, Manitoba, Canada 1906 Census - see Note
Event Note

1906 Census of Canada "Schedule No 1 - Population and Livestock":
Splan: William 32, Clarinda 32, Rita 9, Silva 6, Treva 4, Lizzie 2. All born Ontario except Treva and Lizzie. Also Ernest Thomas 22, Servant, from England in 1906.
Section 6, Township 7, Range 12, Meridian 2
Horses, all ages 5
Milch cows, all ages 2
Other horned or meat cattle, all ages 8,
Sheep and lambs all ages 0
Hogs and pigs, all ages 2

Residence 1911 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada 1911 Census
Event Note

1911 Census of Canada:
Splan:  William 38 (May 1872), Clarendia[sic] 37 (June 1873), Rita 14 (May 1887), Sylva 10 (July 1900), Irena 9 (Oct 1902),  Lizzie 7 (Jan 1904), Ethel 3 (Jun 1807).; George Weston, Servant, 32 (Oct 1878)

William  is a  Farmer
Born Ontario for all but the youngest 4 who are born in Manitoba
Racial or Tribal origin: Irish (all)
Nationality: Canadian (all)
Religion: English Church (all)
William's life is insured for 1000 [$ presumably] and it costs 14 [$ presumably] per annum.
All can speak, read, and write English.

Speculation: could George Weston be a relation through William's mother Elizabeth Weston? - SJL

Residence 1916 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada 1916 Census
Event Note

1916 Census of Canada:
Splan: William 42, Clara 43, Cora-Reita 19, Selva Irine  16, Treva Adl??   14, Lisbeth Clarlida  12, Elen Ruth 9; and George Wenham, 21,  Employee.  
Birth: Canada - all except Geo Wenham (born England, arrived 1904)
Religion: Anglican - all
Racial or Tribal origin: Irish - all
Nationality: Canadian - all

Note that there is a family of Syrians, parents born in Turkey, 5 adults arriving between 1898 and 1911, Greek Catholics, at top of page. 12 in total. "Furgley"??

Medical Information     TB - lungs.
Event Note

My mother [Betty] had three sessions in Sanatoria to treat her TB (lungs), caught probably from drinking raw milk (as was the custom). The first stay was in the 1930's before the children were born [? needs confirmation for date], the second during or after WW2 (when TAL moved the family to Alberta while she was in the San), and the third time in the US (California?)" - CWTWL

Marriage 1923-10-27 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada 1st Marriage - Thomas Allen Leader
Event Note

1. Thomas Allen Leader; three children. TAL moved children to Alberta while Betty in the TB sanatorium and then apparently sued her for abandonment. Youngest about 15.

Residence 1935 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada R.R.4, Burnside; 1935 and 1940 Canada Voters Lists
11a 12a
Residence 1946-01-02 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada 42 2nd Street
Emigration 1952-08-21 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Pre-examination certificate for US Immigration
Event Note

US Records of Aliens Pre-examined in Canada (Form I 448): Elizabeth Clarenda Splan, traveling alone; born 29 Jan 1904, Cypress River, Manitoba; age 48; Divorced; Occupation: Photographer; Reads and writes; Language: English; Race: English; Nationality: Canada; Last residence: 642 14th Street, Brandon, Manitoba; Father: William Splan 1941 Angus Street, Regina Saskatchewan; Visited the US two times previously; Destination: Sis-in-law, Mrs D H Mackenzie, 5223 Repe?to St, Los Agnels [sic] 20, Calif.; Money shown; 800; Purpose in coming: Reside permanent; Head Tax status: NWA 3200; 5'4", fair complexion; brown hair, blue eyes, no distinguishing marks; arrival TWA ? Flight No 21 ?

Reverse: PP-4-229942; Valid to 28 Jan 1957; Form 256A ?I-1732319 issued at Winnipeg Manitoba 20 Aug 1957 [sic]

Seal: Admitted 21 August 1952, US Dept of Justice, Immig, and Natzn Service

Marriage after 1952 California, USA 2. Vince Passaro (divorced)
Marriage before 1970   3: Reg (Godfrey R) Beedie
Event Note

Third Marriage - Reg (Godfrey R) Beedie; [He pre-deceased her?]; we visited them on a trip before we immigrated to NZ in 1970 - SJL

Residence 1973-06-09 Burnaby, British Colombia, Canada 8390 12 Avenue
Death 1973-06-09 New Westminster, British Colombia, Canada Under "Beedie"
Event Note

"Died New Westminster BC  Elizabeth Clarenda Beedie June 9 1973 wife of Reg Beedie (Godfrey R) 8390 12 Ave Burnaby BC. Listed sisters Ethel Cirson of Burnaby (note spelling!) Sylvia McKenzie Portage la Prairie, and Rita Forsythe Vancouver BC (presumed another marriage as was Hamilton with 2 sons Raymond and Joseph)."

Email from EJ Leader 16 Oct 2103.

15a 16a


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Splan, WILLIAM
Mother Moulton, CLARINDA/Clorinda Victoria
    Sister     Splan, Cora Reta
    Sister     Splan, Sylva Irene
    Sister     Splan, Irena/Treva
    Sister     Splan, Ethel


    Family of Leader, THOMAS ALLEN and Splan, ELIZABETH CLARENDA
Married Husband Leader, THOMAS ALLEN
  1. Leader, [Living]
  2. Leader, Harry McBeth
  3. Leader, Lois Elizabeth
    Family of Passaro, Vince and Splan, ELIZABETH CLARENDA
Married Husband Passaro, Vince
    Family of Beedie, Godfrey R and Splan, ELIZABETH CLARENDA
Married Husband Beedie, Godfrey R



  1. Splan, WILLIAM
    1. Moulton, CLARINDA/Clorinda Victoria
      1. Splan, Cora Reta
      2. Splan, Sylva Irene
      3. Splan, Irena/Treva
        1. Leader, THOMAS ALLEN
          1. Leader, Harry McBeth
          2. Leader, Lois Elizabeth
          3. Leader, [Living]
        2. Passaro, Vince
        3. Beedie, Godfrey R
      5. Splan, Ethel


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