Splan, Ellen 1 2 3a 4a

Birth Name Splan, Ellen
Gender female
Age at Death 97 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1864 Hullet Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada Ellen (Elenor) in RootsWeb - Paterson FT
birth 1863   "Allen" - see Note
Event Note

Handwritten tree on TA Leader's Birth Certificate; generally accurate; most likely by Lois (Leader) Sisson.

Residence 1871-04-02 Hullet Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada 1871 Census
Event Note

1871 Census of Canada:
Splan: Thomas 30*, Elizabeth 26, Eloner [sic] 7, Elizabeth 5, Thomas 1.
Born: Ontario - all.
Religion: C of England - all
Origin: Thomas and children - Irish; Elizabeth - English
Occupation: Thomas - Farmer
Going to school - none

* Ages last birthday

Residence 1881-04-04 Greenock, Bruce, Ontario, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada 1881 Census
Event Note

1881 Census of Canada:
Splan: Thomas 39, Elizabeth 36, Ellen 17, Elizabeth 15, Thomas 11, William 7, Adaline 3.
Born: Ontario - all
Religion: Church of England - all
Origin: Elizabeth - English, rest - Irish
Occupation: Thomas - farmer
Going to school: Ellen, Elizabeth, Thomas jr, William

Marriage 1886-02-24 Pinkerton, Bruce, Ontario, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada William Cerson ; ON-BMD; (Carson in Paterson FT)
Event Note

Wm Cerson, 29, b. Biddulph, farmer, son of Thomas and Frances Cerson, married Ellen Splan 22, b. Hullet, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Splan, both single, both Church of England, were married by Andrew Fisher at St Paul's, Pinkerton,by License. They will make their home in Greenock. Witnesses: Frank H Dagg, Kincardine and Wilhelmina McKay (?) both of Kincardine.

1 7a
Death 1961    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Splan, THOMAS
Mother Weston, ELIZABETH
         Splan, Ellen
    Sister     Splan, Elizabeth or Grace Elizabeth
    Brother     Splan, Thomas
    Brother     Splan, WILLIAM
    Sister     Splan, Adeline


    Family of Cerson, William and Splan, Ellen
Married Husband Cerson, William
  1. Cerson, Laura Louisa Frances
  2. Cerson, Wilfred Earl



  1. Splan, THOMAS
    1. Weston, ELIZABETH
      1. Splan, Ellen
        1. Cerson, William
          1. Cerson, Wilfred Earl
          2. Cerson, Laura Louisa Frances
      2. Splan, Elizabeth or Grace Elizabeth
      3. Splan, Thomas
      4. Splan, WILLIAM
      5. Splan, Adeline


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