?Higgs, [Living]

Birth Name ?Higgs, [Living]
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Higgs, William
Mother Taylor, Mary Ann
    Brother     Higgs, Charles
         ?Higgs, [Living]


    Family of ?Higgs, [Living] and Barrett, [Living]
Married Wife Barrett, [Living]
  1. Higgs, Charlotte Mary
  2. Higgs, Gertrude Mary
  3. Higgs, Alice Victoria
  4. Higgs, Sidney Charles
  5. Higgs, Ralph Barrett
  6. Higgs, Percy Edward
  7. Higgs, Stanley Walter


  1. Higgs, William
    1. Taylor, Mary Ann
      1. ?Higgs, [Living]
        1. Barrett, [Living]
          1. Higgs, Ralph Barrett
          2. Higgs, Percy Edward
          3. Higgs, Charlotte Mary
          4. Higgs, Gertrude Mary
          5. Higgs, Alice Victoria
          6. Higgs, Stanley Walter
          7. Higgs, Sidney Charles
      2. Higgs, Charles