Gurney, Charlotte

Birth Name Gurney, Charlotte
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1849 Tring, Berkhamstead Registration District, Hertfordshire, England  
Event Note

1851 Census of England:
Gurney: Maria 30 (widow) as head of household, with Hannah 10, and George 8, at the end of this sheet (#6). At the beginning of the next sheet (#7): Daniel 6, James 4, and Charlotte 2,  Gurney. Boarder: Mary Dolderfield (?) 32, (widow).  
Born: Maria - Drayton Beauchamp, Bucks;  all children in Tring, Herts. Boarder in Wheathamstead, Herts.
Rank, Profession, or Occupation: Hannah and Daniel are Scholars.
The house is a stand-alone dwelling.

Census 1861 Tring, Berkhamstead Registration District, Hertfordshire, England Lower Dunsley
Event Note

England Census 1861
Gurney, James (14), Charlotte (12) at Lower Dunsley, Tring.
James is an Ag Lab, and Charlotte a Straw Plaiter, both born Tring.
They live in a stand-alone house - mother Maria and siblings previous page.

Residence 1871-04-02 Tring, Berkhamstead Registration District, Hertfordshire, England 19 Lower Dunsley
Event Note

??has name as "Hannah" all other details fit.

1871 Census: "Hannah" Gurney 50 (widow) is head of house, her daughter Charlotte Gurney 22 (unmarried?) and granddaughter Louisa Gurney 1 live with her.

Born: "Hannah" - Drayton Beauchamp, Bucks; Charlotte and Louisa - Tring, Herts.
Occupation: "Hannah" and Charlotte - Straw Plait-maker. Stand-alone dwelling.

Residence 1881 Tring, Berkhamstead Registration District, Hertfordshire, England 24 Park Road
Event Note

1881 Census  of England:
Gurney: Charlotte (32) and her daughter Louisa (11) are visitors in the household of Alice K Pope (14) - Alice is Head of Household. There is a servant: Emma Damon (20).
Born: Charlotte, Louisa, Alice - Tring; Emma - Leighton Buzzard.

Implication: Charlotte and Louisa could be still living in Lower Dunsley with brother James and new family or elsewhere as mother Maria live-in Nurse with the John T Clement family at 33 High Street. - SJL

1871 Census confirms Alice's age, Park St, Tring. Parents: Henry C 32 (Banker's accountant), Eliza 33, Alice K 4, Mary H 2, Henry E 0, Mary Kitelee (sister-in-law- visitor, single) 26  , Sarah A Montague 15 (servant). It seems then that either Alice is the sole surviving member or her family or the family has another residence, leaving Alice as "head" in 1881 - SJL



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gurney, DAVID
Mother Tidder, MARIA
    Sister     Gurney, Hannah
    Brother     Gurney, George
    Brother     Gurney, Daniel
    Brother     Gurney, JAMES
         Gurney, Charlotte


    Family of Gurney, Charlotte
  1. Gurney, Louisa


  1. Gurney, DAVID
    1. Tidder, MARIA
      1. Gurney, Hannah
      2. Gurney, George
      3. Gurney, Daniel
      4. Gurney, JAMES
      5. Gurney, Charlotte
          1. Gurney, Louisa


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