Leeder, ROBERT

Birth Name Leeder, ROBERT
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Baptism 1766-11-23 St Margaret's, Thrandeston, Suffolk, England Leeder
1a 2a
Marriage 1787-01-30 Yaxley, Suffolk, England 1st: Hannah Keely
Event Note

Both Robert and Hannah are single. Witnesses: Francis Keely and Richard Oakes. Both made marks.

3a 4a 2a
Marriage 1789-11-03 Yaxley, Suffolk, England 2nd: Margaret Moy
Event Note

Witnesses: Susannah Corbold and Richard Oakes. Robert is a widower and Margaret single. Both made marks.

4b 2a
Residence 1841-06-07 Yaxley, Suffolk, England Yaxley Street
Event Note

1841 Census of England:
Leader: Robert 75 and Margaret 70.
Also in house: Moy, Margaret 75  [A bit confusing - Robert & Margaret (nee Moy) Leader fit ages from burials. Who is the second Margaret Moy? Original nearly illegible so relying on transcript for names - SJL]

[Follow-up - Mystery of the two Margaret Moys above solved:

Robert Leader 75, Ag Lab; Margaret Leader 70; Margaret Moy 95. All born in county. In own home. Next door and next door but one are the Bond family who may be respectively the siblings and parents of Susan Bond, the mother of Jane Aldridge. Clearer copy found. - SJL]

[NB in the 1841 Census people over 15 had their ages rounded *down* to the nearest five - so they may be up to 75-80 years old giving a birth range of 1761-1771. - SJL]

Burial 1846-03-10 Yaxley, Suffolk, England as Leader


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leader, ROBERT
Mother , SARAH
    Sister     Leader, Sarah
    Sister     Leader, Elizabeth
    Sister     Leader, Mary
         Leeder, ROBERT
    Brother     Leader, Jonathan
    Sister     Leader, Jane
    Sister     Leeder, ?Ann


    Family of Leeder, ROBERT and Keely, Hannah
Married Wife Keely, Hannah
  1. Leeder, John
    Family of Leeder, ROBERT and Moy, MARGARET
Married Wife Moy, MARGARET
  1. Leader, William
  2. Leader, Sarah
  3. Leader, Susan
  4. Leader, Henry
  5. Leader, Mary
  6. Leeder, ?John
  7. Leader, WILLIAM


  1. Leader, ROBERT
    1. , SARAH
      1. Leeder, ROBERT
        1. Keely, Hannah
          1. Leeder, John
        2. Moy, MARGARET
          1. Leeder, ?John
          2. Leader, William
          3. Leader, Mary
          4. Leader, Sarah
          5. Leader, Susan
          6. Leader, WILLIAM
          7. Leader, Henry
      2. Leader, Jane
      3. Leader, Jonathan
      4. Leader, Sarah
      5. Leader, Mary
      6. Leader, Elizabeth
      7. Leeder, ?Ann


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