Splan, Ethel 1a 2a

Birth Name Splan, Ethel
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 6 months, 16 days


EJL2 notes "strange that a Splan girl married a Cerson in this generation and the one before." That is Ellen b 1864 (Thomas's daughter) and next generation Ethel (William's daughter)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1907-06-16 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada "Ethel Ruth", name + place RootsWeb Paterson FT; MN-BMD Birth 3a
Marriage     1. ? 2. Cerson 1
Birth 1907-06-00   1911 Census 4a
Residence 1911 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada 1911 Census 4b
Event Note

1911 Census of Canada:
Splan:  William 38 (May 1872), Clarendia[sic] 37 (June 1873), Rita 14 (May 1887), Sylva 10 (July 1900), Irena 9 (Oct 1902),  Lizzie 7 (Jan 1904), Ethel 3 (Jun 1807).; George Weston, Servant, 32 (Oct 1878)

William  is a  Farmer
Born Ontario for all but the youngest 4 who are born in Manitoba
Racial or Tribal origin: Irish (all)
Nationality: Canadian (all)
Religion: English Church (all)
William's life is insured for 1000 [$ presumably] and it costs 14 [$ presumably] per annum.
All can speak, read, and write English.

Speculation: could George Weston be a relation through William's mother Elizabeth Weston? - SJL

Residence 1916 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada 1916 Census 5
Event Note

1916 Census of Canada:
Splan: William 42, Clara 43, Cora-Reita 19, Selva Irine  16, Treva Adl??   14, Lisbeth Clarlida  12, Elen Ruth 9; and George Wenham, 21,  Employee.  
Birth: Canada - all except Geo Wenham (born England, arrived 1904)
Religion: Anglican - all
Racial or Tribal origin: Irish - all
Nationality: Canadian - all

Note that there is a family of Syrians, parents born in Turkey, 5 adults arriving between 1898 and 1911, Greek Catholics, at top of page. 12 in total. "Furgley"??

Death 1992   Headsstone - Portage la Prairie; death BC? 6a
Event Note

Hillside, Section 228, Portage la Prairie Cemetery
Portage La Prairie R. M., Manitoba

Ethel R. Cerson

image available


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Splan, WILLIAM1873-05-231969
Mother Moulton, CLARINDA/Clorinda Victoria1871-06-231921-07-28
    Sister     Splan, Cora Reta 1897-05-21 1981-12-20
    Sister     Splan, Sylva Irene 1900-07-28
    Sister     Splan, Irena/Treva 1902-10-00 1918
    Sister     Splan, ELIZABETH CLARENDA 1904-01-29 1973-06-09
         Splan, Ethel 1907-06-16 1992


Family of Cerson and Splan, Ethel

Married Husband Cerson ( * + ... )

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