Leader, Norma

Birth Name Leader, Norma
Gender female
Age at Death 69 years, 10 months, 11 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1885-04-21 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada MN-BMD: "Norma Isabella" - Reg 28 Aug 1944 so memory may be out!
Census 1891-05-14 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada  
Event Note

1891 Census of Canada:
Leader: Thomas 46, Ellen (sic) 47, Molly (sic) 22, Thomas 14, Robert 12, Henry 10, Mildred 8, Norman (sic - Norma) 6.
Born: Thomas - England; "Ellen" and Molly - Ontario, rest - Manitoba
Place of birth of father: Thomas - England; "Ellen" - Ireland; Children: England
Place of birth of mother: Thomas - England; "Ellen" - Ireland; Children - Ontario
Religion: Thomas - Baptist; "Ellen" - RC [Roman Catholic]; Children - Presbyterian except Mildred and Norma/n who have no religion [as yet?] [thus confirming family story - SJL]
Occupation: Thomas - farmer
Education: Read and Write - all except Mildred who can read but not write, and Norma/n neither.
[Note: Mildred listed as a son and Norman as a daughter!]
[Missing: William d. 1887; Jane 27 - under Harry Braun?, Edith 21, Catherine 18 - didn't marry Robt McCullough until 1895]

Music     Voice
Birth 1896-04-21   1901 Census - "Norma Isabella"
Marriage 1902-01-01 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada George McConochie; children Tom, Mel, Beatrice; MN-BMD: McConachie + date
5 3 1b
Residence 1940 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada R.R.4, Burnside; 1940 Canada Voters Lists [Probable]
Death 1955-03-00    
Religion     ? Presbyterian


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leader, THOMAS
Mother Allen, BRIDGET
    Sister     Leader, Jemima
    Brother     Leader, William
    Sister     Leader, Mary
    Sister     Leader, Edith
    Sister     Leader, Catherine Anne
    Brother     Leader, Thomas Ephriam
    Brother     Leader, Robert John
    Brother     Leader, HENRY GEORGE
    Sister     Leader, Mildred
         Leader, Norma


    Family of McConachie, George and Leader, Norma
Married Husband McConachie, George


  1. Leader, THOMAS
    1. Allen, BRIDGET
      1. Leader, Jemima
      2. Leader, William
      3. Leader, Mary
      4. Leader, Edith
      5. Leader, Catherine Anne
      6. Leader, Thomas Ephriam
      7. Leader, Robert John
      8. Leader, HENRY GEORGE
      9. Leader, Mildred
      10. Leader, Norma
        1. McConachie, George


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        "All had fine voices, and the girls Milly and Norma took part in choir work and community concerts." - Ruth Burke in "Thomas Leader - Short Bio"

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