Leader, Margery Maria

Birth Name Leader, Margery Maria
Nick Name Mary
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1858 Ontario, Canada 1871 Census  
Birth 1859     1a
Birth about 1859 Ontario, Canada 1881 Canada Census  
Census 1871-04-02 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   2a 3a
Census 1881-04-04 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada    
Marriage 1882-07-11 Amaranth, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leader, 2nd Joshua1831-10-001905-05-18
Mother Armstrong, Elizabeth Mary18321905-11-18
    Brother     Leader, James Henry 1858-09-24 1909-12-14
         Leader, Margery Maria about 1858
    Sister     Leader, Elizabeth Ellen about 1860
    Sister     Leader, Isabella (?Elizabeth Ellen mistranscription?) 1860-09-10 1935-06-29
    Sister     Leader, Margret Jane about 1863
    Brother     Leader, William Thomas 1864-10-22 1937-04-22
    Brother     Leader, Joshua or Joshua E about 1871 1915-02-14
    Sister     Leader, Elisabeth or Mary E 1870-10-09
    Sister     [Living], [Living]
    Sister     Leader, Ann about 1857
    Sister     Leader, Ann about 1857
    Sister     Leader, Jane about 1859
    Brother     Leader, John about 1859
    Sister     Leader, Mary


Family of Durkin, John D and Leader, Margery Maria

Married Husband Durkin, John D ( * 1847 + ... )

Source References

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        Leader: Joshua 41, Elizabeth 40, James Henry 14, Marjory Maria 13, Elizabeth Ellen 11, Margaret Jane 8, William Thomas 6. Joshua b England, Elizabeth Ireland, children Ontario. All Church of England. Joshua is a farmer and all children are going to school.


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