Splan, Ann

Birth Name Splan, Ann
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1831    
Birth 1829-08-06 Goderich Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada  
Event Note

No source and none found.

Census 1852-01-12 Kincardine Township, Bruce, Ontario, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada 1851 Census
Event Note

1851 Census of Canada West. Splaan: Thomas 52*, Elizabeth 46, Anne 20, ? 19, Thomas 14, George 10, Elizabeth 16, Frances 7, Esther 5, William 4.

Occupation: Thomas is an Innkeeper, and ? a Labourer.
Born: Thomas and Elizabeth in Ireland, all children in Canada.
Religion: Episcopalian - all.

[NB Baron Holmes 19, servant, and William Harper 24, Labourer, may be living with them. No clear markings as to households. Samuel and wife Margaret on pg 5. SJL]


* ages at next birthday

Marriage 1852-09-13 Kincardine Township, Bruce, Ontario, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada  
Event Note

No source, none found.

Death 1915    
Event Note

"Pedigree Resource File", database, FamilySearch (http://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.2.1/SBF7-4JF : accessed 2013-10-21), entry for Anna /Splan/. has death as 28 June 1915, Blanca, Costilla, Colorado.



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Splan, THOMAS
Mother Weston, ELIZABETH
         Splan, Ann
    Brother     Splan, Samuel (W?)
    Sister     Splan, Jane
    Sister     Splan, Elizabeth
    Brother     Splan, John
    Brother     Splan, THOMAS
    Brother     Splan, George
    Sister     Splan, Frances
    Brother     Splan, Richard
    Sister     Splan, Esther
    Brother     Splan, William
    Sister     Splan, [Living]
    Brother     Splan, Richard


    Family of Waybrant, Philip and Splan, Ann
Unknown Partner Waybrant, Philip


  1. Splan, THOMAS
    1. Weston, ELIZABETH
      1. Splan, [Living]
      2. Splan, Ann
        1. Waybrant, Philip
      3. Splan, Jane
      4. Splan, Samuel (W?)
      5. Splan, Elizabeth
      6. Splan, John
      7. Splan, George
      8. Splan, THOMAS
      9. Splan, Frances
      10. Splan, Richard
      11. Splan, Esther
      12. Splan, William
      13. Splan, Richard


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