Horwood, Fred Austin 1 2

Birth Name Horwood, Fred Austin
Gender male
Age at Death 55 years, 6 months, 27 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1898-06-05    
Birth about 1899    
Event Note

according to - GFV1 and V2, HF-JB - 6 weeks old when father died; 1901 Census

4a 1 2
Residence 1939-09-29 Watford, Hertfordshire, England 135 Princes Avenue
Event Note

135 Princes Ave, Watford: may be the home of the elder Butlers or they may be living with their son-in-law (nephew-in-law?):

- Fred A Horwood 05 Jun 1898 Male Gas Fitters Labourer Married 180 7
- George E Butler 23 Dec 1867 Male Home Decorator Retired Married 180 1
- Sarah A Butler 17 Feb 1871 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 180 2
- Annie L Gerry-Andrews (Horwood) 05 Mar 1899 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 180 3
- Freda S Crouch (Horwood) 12 Jul 1927 Female At School Single 180 5
- Edward R J Warnham 17 May 1913 Male Police Constable H C Single 180 6

* Annie L (Louie) remarried 20-10-1959 to Gerry-Andrews
** Freda S Horwood married Crouch on 3-2-1953

[I wonder if related to the Butler family Annie Gurney married into - SJL]


Death 1954   "(s.i.)" in GFV1 ??self inflicted?? - SJL


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Horwood, GEORGE AUSTIN
Mother Parrott, HARRIET
    Sister     Horwood
    Sibling     Horwood
    Sister     Horwood, Maggie
    Sibling     Horwood
    Sibling     Horwood
    Sister     Horwood, ROSE
    Brother     Horwood, [Living]
    Brother     Horwood, Jack
    Sister     Horwood, Harriet (Hettie)
    Sister     Horwood, Winifred
         Horwood, Fred Austin


    Family of Horwood, Fred Austin and Butler, Annie L
Married Wife Butler, Annie L
  1. Horwood, [Living]
  2. Horwood, [Living]



  1. Horwood, GEORGE AUSTIN
    1. Parrott, HARRIET
      1. Horwood, [Living]
      2. Horwood
      3. Horwood
      4. Horwood
      5. Horwood
      6. Horwood, Maggie
      7. Horwood, ROSE
      8. Horwood, Jack
      9. Horwood, Harriet (Hettie)
      10. Horwood, Winifred
      11. Horwood, Fred Austin
        1. Butler, Annie L
          1. Horwood, [Living]
          2. Horwood, [Living]


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        "Boundary:- On the north by the northern wall of the Cemetery & the footpath leading by Victoria School to Merton Road on the east by a line running along the east of the cottages facing the Old Allotment Ground parallel with Merton Road & between No.s 73 & 75 Vicarage Road on the south by the centre of Vicarage Road & on the west by the back walls of the cottages on the west side of Banbury Street and by the western wall of the Cemetery.
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