Leader, Joshua 1

Birth Name Leader, Joshua
Birth Name Leader, 2nd Joshua
Gender male
Age at Death 42 years, 3 months, 26 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1831 Yaxley, Suffolk, England  
2a 3a
Birth 1831 England 1881 Census
Census 1841-06-06 Saffron Walden, Wimbish, Essex, England  
Census 1851-03-31 Yaxley, Suffolk, England "Leeder" - Yaxley St, possibly at Bull Inn
Event Note

1851 Census of England
Leeder: Wm [William] 43, Jane 39, Joshua 20, Henry 13, Issabella 11, Thomas 9, Robert 6, Shadrack 2.
Occupation: Wm - Farm Lab, Joshua (single) Pauper Cripple, Henry - Farm Boy; Issabella, Thomas, Robert - Scholars
Born: Yaxley, Suffolk - All

Note: on one side of their home is an empty house, on the other two new houses are being built. - SJL

Occupation 1851-03-31 Yaxley, Suffolk, England Pauper Cripple [details not yet found]
Religion     Anglican?
Census 1861-01-14 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada  
Census 1871-04-02 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada  
Death 1873-04-27 Holburn, Middlesex County, England ~~possible
Event Note

1873 Probate Calendar:
Leader, Joshua.
Effects under Pounds 100.
13 May. Administration of the effects of Joshua Leader late of 61-Red-Lion-Street Holburn in the County of Middlesex who died 27 April 1873 at 61-Red-Lion-Street was granted at the Principle Registry to Elizabeth Leader 61-Red-Lion-Street Widow the Relict.

Census 1881-04-04 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada good evidence but still not sure ours
Census 1891-04-24 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada  
Event Note

William and his wife Annie and son Joseph in own home lines 11-13; Joshua, Mary E, Joshua E, Mary E, and Elizabeth Agnes (?) are lines 14-18.

Census 1901-03-31 Wellington County, Ontario, Canada  
Event Note

1901 Canada Census

Joshaua (sic) 70 and Elizabeth (70) Leader, daughter Mary E Leader 30, granddaughter Elizabeth Burgress 17, and their "domestic" Louis Middleton 15. Joshaua b England, Elizabeth Ireland, and rest Ontario. J All Methodist except Louis who is a United Brethren.

Death 1905-05-18 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leader, WILLIAM
Mother Aldrich, JANE
    Sister     Leader, Marjorie/Maria
         Leader, Joshua
    Sister     Leeder, Jane
    Sister     Leader, Susannah
    Brother     Leader, Henry
    Sister     Leader, Isabelle
    Brother     Leader, THOMAS
    Brother     Leader, Robert
    Brother     Leader, Frederick/Shadrach
    Sister     Leader, Ellen
    Brother     Leader, Henry
    Brother     Leader, Ephriam
    Brother     Leader, William


    Family of Leader, Joshua and Armstrong, Elizabeth Mary
Married Wife Armstrong, Elizabeth Mary
  1. Leader, [Living]
  2. Leader, [Living]
  3. Leader, [Living]
  4. Leader, [Living]
  5. Leader, [Living]
  6. Leader, [Living]
  7. Leader, [Living]
  8. Leader, [Living]
  9. Leader, [Living]
  10. Leader, [Living]
  11. Leader, [Living]
  12. Leader, [Living]
  13. Leader, [Living]


Type Value Notes Sources
Merged Gramps ID I0666


  1. Leader, WILLIAM
    1. Aldrich, JANE
      1. Leader, Susannah
      2. Leader, Henry
      3. Leader, Marjorie/Maria
      4. Leader, Joshua
        1. Armstrong, Elizabeth Mary
          1. Leader, [Living]
          2. Leader, [Living]
          3. Leader, [Living]
          4. Leader, [Living]
          5. Leader, [Living]
          6. Leader, [Living]
          7. Leader, [Living]
          8. Leader, [Living]
          9. Leader, [Living]
          10. Leader, [Living]
          11. Leader, [Living]
          12. Leader, [Living]
          13. Leader, [Living]
      5. Leeder, Jane
      6. Leader, Isabelle
      7. Leader, THOMAS
      8. Leader, Robert
      9. Leader, Ellen
      10. Leader, Frederick/Shadrach
      11. Leader, Henry
      12. Leader, Ephriam
      13. Leader, William


Source References

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  10. JoAnn Clark
      • Page: email Photo Credits 18 Oct 2013
      • Citation:

        "Leader, Joshua b 1831 Yaxley, reported on 1851 census as a cripple unable to work, but he came to Canada with the rest of the family a few years later, married, had 9 children,ran his own farm in amaranth twp, Dufferin county, general vicinity of Orangeville where brother Henry lived, and died in amaranth 18 May 1905. Amazing!"