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1 1807 William Leader Christening in Yaxley, Suffolk
2 1831 Marriage Record for William Leader and Jane Aldrige in Yaxley Parish Registers
3 1887 Land Grant Thomas Leader
4 Annie (Gurney) Butler and Bill Butler, long before 1955, Bricket Wood, Herts, UK - see Note
5 Bette (Elizabeth), Ethel, father William & step-mother Mae, Rita, and Sylvia Splan c. Jan 1958
6 Bridget (Allen) Leader and Thomas E Leader 1863
7 Charles and Meg (Gurney) Hatch, Sylvia and Janet
8 Edna Gurney, Roy Gurney - 1945ish
9 Edna's departure UK 1953; center: George (father), Edna, and Rose (mother) Gurney; clockwise from left: Helen (Lucas) Gurney, Meg (Gurney) Hatch, Roy Gurney, Jack Higgs, Charles Hatch, Leslie Stuart, Vera (Gurney) Stuart, Gwen (Gurney) Higgs
10 Elizabeth Clarenda (Splan) and Thomas Allen Leader c 1945
11 Ella (Mcbeath) Leader 1936
12 Ella (Mcbeath) Leader and parents Thomas and Lena (Foisie) Mcbeath [This is family attribution which I believe to be wrong as Thomas died in 1913 and this is late 1930's earliest. May be her brother Malcom Peter or James Joshua - mystery. - SJL]
13 Ella (Mcbeath) Leader with baby Thomas Allen Leader 1904
14 Fred and Charlotte Leader and family; Four standing (from left): Fred jr., Thomas, Jane (known as Gin or Jenny), William. Six seated: Henry, Charlotte, Maud, Caroline (or Carrie), Fred Sr., Robert; shared by gnboreham
15 From back: Fred Hyde, Bill Burk, Thomas Leader, Robert Burk; Ruth (Leader) Burk; Lois Leader, Bill Hyde, Thomas W Leader; Betty (Splan) Leader; Olive (Leader) Hyde, Ella (MacBeth) Leader, Harry G Leader; Edith Hyde. c. 1945
16 From back: Harry G, Thomas, Ella (MacBeth) Leader; Betty (Splan) Leader; Bill Burk, Harry Leader, Fred Hyde, Bill Hyde; Robert Burk, Ruth (Leader) Burk, Lois Leader; Thomas W Leader c 1940?
17 George Gurney: 1914-15 Star, General Service Medal, Victory Medal (colloquially known as "Pip, Squeak, and Wilfred")
18 Gwen Gurney and Jack Higgs Wedding, Ken and Edna Gurney attendants, Sandra Stuart and Janet Hatch flowergirls c. 1945
19 Gwen Gurney center; Janet Hatch and Malcom Stuart front; clockwise from btm left: Meg (Gurney) Hatch holding Sylvia, Roy Gurney, Vera (Gurney) Stuart holding Sandra, Rose (Horwood) Gurney, Edna Gurney c. 1943
20 Harry G Leader at 18 years
21 Harry G Leader at the Farm 1943
22 Harry G Leader, M.P.
23 Housing in Watford mid-1800s
24 Ken Gurney and Phyllis Best's wedding, Watford - Sandra Stuart gives horseshoe while Malcom Stuart looks on from the side - 1945
25 Lena (Foisie) Mcbeath
26 Lena (Foisie) Mcbeath mother of Ella
27 Line up may be: Standing l-r: Harry, Harriet (mother), George (father - added c. 3 yrs after death), Maggie (eldest girl - c. 14), Rose; Sitting center: Hettie, Jack ; Sitting front: Winifred, Fred (c. 3)
28 Margaret (Meg) and George (Gurney) at her wedding to Charles Hatch - 1938
29 National Childrens Home, Old Alresford, Hamptonshire
30 Obituary for Mary Gaffney Allen 1897
31 Olive, Ella, and Lena Mcbeath
32 Rose (Horwood) Gurney with Vera and Meg; photo postcard WWI
33 Rose (Horwood) Gurney, Ken Gurney (c. 21 yrs), Edna Gurney (c.15 yrs), garden at Kelmscott Close, Watford
34 Roy Gurney and Helen Lucas' Wedding, l-r Edna Gurney, John Stevens, and Joan Lucas; Whippendale Rd Methodist Church, Watford; Sep 3 1949
35 Suffolk Parish Map
36 Sunday School Treat, Bricket Wood, July 1929, Rose (Horwood) Gurney, front second from right with Roy?
37 The Splans: (back) Sylva, Betty, Rita, Treva; (front) William, Ethel, Clarinda before 1918
38 Thomas Allen, Olive, and Ruth, with Ella (mother - left front) and Harry G (father - right front) Leader c. 1945
39 Thomas and Elizabeth Splan 50th Wedding Anniversary
40 Thomas and Elizabeth Splan outside house, Ontario 1922
41 Thomas Leader b 1842 at Northlane, Portage la Prairie
42 Thomas Mcbeath
43 TW Leader and the 'Dorm Rats' c 1949
44 Watford map at time of 1939 Register
45 William (standing), Ephraim (left) and Robert (right) Leader - from bluegrass419. (Is ambrotype so image reversed)
46 William and Clarinda Splan 1918
47 William Splan and 2nd wife Mae c. Jan 1958
48 Yaxley, Suffolk map 1832