A. Armour And Weapons

"The Armourer and His Craft"; Ffoulkes, Charles; Methven & Co, London; 1912; reissued by Benjamin Blom Inc, Bronx, New York, 1967

If you can find this, I recommend this as a totally fascinating study by the man in charge of the Armour at the Tower. Covers all aspects of the craft of the medieval armourer; drawings and photos of period armour; glossary of terms which covers the range of languages involved; costs; weights (this changed my mind about chain mail!); and more.

"Armour & Weapons"; Martin, Paul; Herbert Jenkins, London; 1967; English translation 1968, Office du Livre, SA, Fribourg, Switzerland

This gives an introduction to the subject and has photos of period pieces from all over Europe. Provides historical settings and how "styles" migrated.

"A Knight and His Armour"; Oakeshott, Ewart; Revised Second Edition; 1999, 1961; Dufour Editions ISBN 0-8023-1329-9

"An Illustrated History of Arms & Armour"; Ashdown, Charles Henry; Wordsworth Editions Ltd, Hertsfordshire; 1988; ISBN 1-85326-914-X

"Brassey's Book of Body Armour"; Woosnam-Savage, Robert & Hall, A; Brassey's Washington DC; 2001 (1st pub'd UK 2000 by Pegasus Publishing Ltd); ISBN 1-57488-293-7 (Foreword by GM Wilson, Master of the Armouries, Royal Armouries, Tower of London, Leeds, Fort Nelson)

"English Weapons and Warfare 449 � 1660"; Norman, AVB and Don Pottinger; Arms and Armour Press; London; 1966

"Arms and Uniforms, The Age of Chivalry Part 1"; Funcken, Lilane and Fred; Ward Lock, London; 1980

"Arms and Uniforms, The Age of Chivalry Part 2"; Funcken, Lilane and Fred; Ward Lock, London; 1981

"Arms and Uniforms, The Age of Chivalry Part 3"; Funcken, Lilane and Fred; Ward Lock, London; 1982

These three are "kids" books! - beautiful illustrations, useful text

"The Medieval Warfare Source Book, Vol 2: Christian Europe and its Neighbours"; Nicolle, David; Arms and Armour Press - Cassell Group

"The Picture Book of Brasses in Gilt"; Trivick, Henry; John Baker Publishers Ltd, Pall Mall, London; 1971; ISBN 0-212-98382-2 (Beautiful!!)

"Phaidon Guide to Antique Weapons and Armour"; Wilkinson-Latham, Robert; Phaidon Press; 1981; 0-7148-2173-X

"The Sword through the Centuries"; Hutton, Alfred; Dover Publications, NY; 2002 reprint of: 1901; Grant Richards, London (original title" "The Sword and the Centuries, or Old Sword Days and Old Sword Ways"; ISBN 0-486-42520-7

"Sword Collecting for Amateurs"; Henderson, James; Frederick Muller, London; 1969; (The title says it all!)

B. Leather

"Leather dressing including dyeing, staining, & finishing"; Lamb, M. C.; 2nd ed., rev. and enlarged; London: Anglo-American Technical Co., 1909. (Contains plates of coloured leather samples.)

"Ancient skins, parchments and leathers"; Reed, R; London, New York, Seminar Press; 1972; 0129035505

"Home Tanning And Leather Making Guide"; Farnham, Albert Bertam; US Dept of Agriculture; 1922; 0936622113

"Home Tanning Of Leather And Small Skins"; US Dept of Agriculture; 1972

C. Colour

"Theophilus � On Divers Arts: The Foremost Medieval Treatise of Painting, Glassmaking and Metalwork"; Hawthorne, John G and Smith, Cyril Stanley translators; Dover Publications; 1963, 1979; 0-486-23784-2

"Early Medieval Painting (The Great Centuries of Painting series)"; Grabar, Andre and Nordenfalk, Carl; Translated by Gilbert, Stuart; Editions d�Art Albert Skira; 1957; WCL (hand done individually inserted colour plates)

"Treasures of Early Irish Art, 1500 B.C. to 1500 A.D."; Cone, Polly (Editor); Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art; 1977; ISBN 0-87099-164-7; plate 37/38.b (The Book of Kells, fol. 32v: Portrait of Christ)

"Painters (Medieval Craftsmen series)"; Binski, Paul ; British Museum Press; 1991; 0-7141-2052-9; WCL

"Silk"; Anquetil, Jacques; Flammarain, Paris; 1995

"5000 Years of Textiles"; Harris, Jenifer ed; British Museum Press; 1993

D. Heraldry

"A complete guide to heraldry"; Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles; Orbis; reprinted 1969, revised 1985 - revision by JP Brooke-Little (Original edition 1909)

These gentlemen are "the real thing". Excellent beginner's guide to heraldry. Added benefit of line drawings and full-colour plates which show the colours and designs of clothing on the brasses and effigies. (the other books are primarily outline drawings only, so this was first time I realised how colourful, and just how bright the colours, of medieval material).

"Heraldry: sources, symbols and meaning"; Ottfried Neubecker; with contributions by J. P. Brooke-Little; Little, Brown and Co; 1997

Different format to previous book - also good beginner's book, and same level of authority.

E. Garb

"Costume and Fashion, Volume 2, Senlac to Bosworth, 1066-1485"; Norris, Herbert; J M Dent & Sons; 1927

Very useful beginner�s book - includes synopses per period of: history, architecture, sculpture, textiles; brief coverage of guilds, heraldry, chivalry; main focus costumes from royalty, nobles, middle, and lower classes including jewellery, footwear, and headgear. Brasses, effigies etc redrawn (i.e., to modern style of faces); some garment construction drawings; some colour plates.

"Medieval Costume in England and France, The 13th, 14th, and 15th Centuries, A Technical History of Costume, Volume 3"; Houston, Mary G; Adam & Charles Black; 1939, reprinted 1950

Another useful beginner�s book - cross reference with Norris's. Per-period - Regal, Civilian, and Ecclesiastical Costume; Armour; Construction of costume; textiles & patterns (good black and white examples with colours described). Lots of line drawings as above but left with original faces (looks odd!), colour plates, more detailed drawings of methods of construction which patterns can be based on.

"A Visual History of Costume, The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries"; Scott, Margaret; B T Batsford Ltd (UK); 1986

All photos - effigies, brasses, manuscripts, portraits; full descriptions; glossary; good bibliography. Very useful for cross-checking.

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A. Armour and Weapons

"Basic Armouring � a Practical Introduction to Armour Making"; Blackwell, Paul; 2nd Edition (Basic-Armouring.pdf); 1986, 2002; Self published at:

Specific pieces of Armour:

  • Arming cap: (Saverio)
  • Gambeson (adapted with own tunic pattern): Sinric (Craig Nadler)
  • Fingered Gauntlets: Adapted from Master Cad�s (M Davis) original site, now found at:


  • Mitten Gauntlets: Adaptation of Sir Paul of Sommerton�s (Patrick Woolery) pattern: ( found on Daniel Fenwick�s page at plus padding from Sir Michael DeLacy (Mike Earl):
  • Padded cuisses: Based on "Building your own Armour - Part 5: A 14th Century Leg Harness" on by Sir Michael DeLacy (Mike Earl)

and: � a Living History and Experimental Archaeology group Belgium (Flanders) which focuses on the "life in Flanders around the year 1302". (

  • Couters, Poleyns, Leg harness: Adaptation of Sir Paul of Sommerton�s (Patrick Woolery) patterns found on Daniel Fenwick�s page at


David Friedman (Cariadoc):

B. Leather

Leatherworking in the Middle Ages - Medieval Leather Dying. Copyright © 1996 Ron Charlotte, coded by I. Marc Carlson - - use search feature with keywords -leather dye-. � Painting and Dying

C. Colour,_Jr..html (the gif of the cathedral pre-cleaning) (Louis XII, note the Angel�s cuir bouilli armour) - picture of painted Roman armour. The article is at:,11710,1356700,00.html (useful article on colours and dyes)

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