Celebrating a Life

Rick Dyer

April 26 2000

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Name: Bruce Delaney
E-Mail: bcbmd_AT_twp_DoT_ac_DoT_nz
City/State: Hamilton
Home Page:
Date: Wed Nov 1 07:41:23 2000
How you found us: Word of mouth
We had some damn good times, all that fun & laughter. I certainly miss those times we shared, they are not to return. We will keep the cold kiwi flag flying. The club rides, the messy weekends, stirring up the QC's - they will never be the same. 'Till we meet again !
Name: Craig Ferguson
E-Mail: craigmaren_AT_hotmail_DoT_com
City/State: Munich
Home Page:
Date: Wed May 10 08:17:20 2000
How you found us: Other
Rick, Jemand der so voll sein Leben genossen hat, wird nie, von keinem, der ihn kennengelernt hat, vergessen. Craig
Name: Terry & Rose Thorburn
E-Mail: terryt_AT_world-net_DoT_co_DoT_nz
City/State: Auckland
Home Page:
Date: Mon May 8 09:27:46 2000
How you found us: Word of mouth
Rick, we hadn't seen you in a long time, you have gone too soon but you will not be forgotten. Terry and Rose.
Name: Rod Leader
E-Mail: hillsidehotel_DoT_co_DoT_nz
City/State: hamilton
Home Page:
Date: Mon May 1 21:05:53 2000
How you found us: Word of mouth
You left to soon Rick . The next 21yrs will be sad for the loss of the good times that were you. All our love to those others left behind. Rod,Rosemary,tom,gwen&ross.
Name: Sue Leader
E-Mail: netwoman_AT_one2one_DoT_co_DoT_nz
City/State: Wellington
Home Page: http://www.one2one.co.nz
Date: Mon May 1 16:13:19 2000
How you found us: Other
Rick shared some important celebrations in my life - I am sorry that I could not join with friends and family to celebrate Rick's life today.

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