Rudder, SARAH

Birth Name Rudder, SARAH
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1730     1a
Marriage 1746-10-03 Brockdish, Norfolk, England Probable 1st marriage - Sara Rudder 2a 3a
Event Note

- the 1746 Brockdish Register was in the middle of the microfilmed Thrandeston Registers, and is missing in the Brockdish sequence. Minister is Char:Jillett, Churchwarden Jn Chappell.
- see Brockdish Norfolk Register 1754-1812 pg 9, entry 26 where marriage solemnized by Lawrence Gibbs, Clerk in 1764, and entry 27 where marriage solemnized by Law:Gibbs Curate of Thrandeston in 1765; by 1770 he is "Rector", and Registers show all sorts of 'cross-border' marriages.
1765 part Brockdish Nflk register showing Thrandiston connection.jpg
- genuki says Thrandeston is 6.2 miles from Brockdish and Yaxley is 6.7, so very accessible.
On that basis I am going with 'probable'. Haven't found origin for Sara Rudder yet but only just started looking 14 July 2019. - SJL

8 January 2020 - have had several runs at this both here and at Library using Ancestry. Sarah Rudder has so far only shown for this record. The Rudders as a clan are scarce as well. Have now found a marriage with Sarah Scales in 1751 which fits (see entry). As there are no children recorded for Robert and Sarah until 1753 am going to assume for the moment that this marriage was of short duration and no children survived. Will continue to check for the Licence which is noted in the Free Reg record in case there is further information there. - SJL


Family of Leader, ROBERT and Rudder, SARAH

Married Husband Leader, ROBERT ( * about 1728 + 1799-01-13 )


    1. Rudder, SARAH
      1. Leader, ROBERT

Source References

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        Age at death fits Sarah Scales so more likely her than Sarah Rudder.

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