Blundell/Blindell, Rebecca Emma

Birth Name Blundell/Blindell, Rebecca Emma
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage (Witness) 1885-09-26 Bentinck, Grey County, Ontario, Canada Elmwood 1a


Family of Foisie, Louis John and Blundell/Blindell, Rebecca Emma

Married Husband Foisie, Louis John ( * 1873-07-03 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Foisie, Pauline Louise1909-02-251982-12-25


    1. Blundell/Blindell, Rebecca Emma
      1. Foisie, Louis John
        1. Foisie, Pauline Louise

Source References

  1. Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada, Archives of Ontario: Ontario Marriages 1869-1927
      • Page: 003609; 1869961; Sarah Ann Foisie and Andrew Hood marriage record.JPG and Sarah Ann Foisie and Andrew Hood record-image_TH-1-159391-682474-89.jpg