, Agnus

Birth Name Agnus
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1888 Ontario, Canada 1921 Census 1
Census 1921 East Garafraxa, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada    
Event Note

1921 Canadian Census: Leader: Freeman 40, Agnus 33, are in East Garafraxa, no children recorded. Freeman is a farmer. Agnus is of Scotch extraction, born in Ontario. Unclear if she is Robina, but seems unlikely. They have a Boarder: David Livingston, 65, who is a Labourer doing "odd jobs" - he immigrated from England in 1880.


Family of Leader, Freeman and , Agnus

Unknown Partner Leader, Freeman ( * 1884 + ... )


    1. , Agnus
      1. Leader, Freeman

Source References

  1. 1921 Census of Canada