Celebrating a Life

Gaywyn (Gabrielle) Christine Robinson

January 4 2002


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Date: Fri Aug 23 22:29:43 2002
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I am finally traveling accross the world and missing my family I have left behind, I know that if you could see me and Josh now you would think it was wonderfull and would enjoy reading our crazy emails so this ones for you and I Promise to enjoy every moment of my travels. Love Rani (Niranya)
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Date: Sun Feb 10 11:42:06 2002
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Gabriel, ( which is how she last told me she was spelling it- we played a lot with numerology, was my friend for 37 years. Our freindship survived distance and time. We shared our suffering over our partners, our children, our inner fears, our love and our laughter. I am so far away from all of the rest of you who grieve for her and yet my grief is just as real. There was never a day I did not think of her and never a month in the last 2 years that I did not phone her. A piece of my heart has gone with her. I feel so cut off from home now, she was my emotional link. Love to you all and especail thanks to Melvyn, Rachel and Marlene, who kept me in the circle in the last weeks. Blessings, Arianna
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