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Given Name Birth Partner Parents
??Catharine   Splan, Samuel (W?)  
[Living]     , [Living] Higgs, [Living]
[Living]   Sisson, [Living]  
[Living]   Sisson, [Living]  
[Living]     , [Living] Higgs, [Living]
[Living]   Stuart, [Living]  
[Living]   Sisson, [Living]  
[Living]   Horwood, [Living]  
[Living]   Higgs, [Living]  
[Living]   Gurney, Kenneth Ronald  
[Living]   Leader, [Living]  
[Living]   Horwood, Don  
~Sarah A 1871-02-17 Butler, ~George E  
Clare   Burk, Robert Ernest  
Clare   Burk, Robert  
Eliza   Dagg, Richard  
Frances   Cerson, Thomas  
Hannah about 1797 Chubb, John  
Harriet   ?Moy, George  
Isabella 1846-06-00 Naismith, Robt  
Jane - not ours   Leeder, William - not ours  
Jennette   Hood, Daniel  
Margaret about 1746 ?Moy, Thomas  
Margaret A   Splan, Samuel (W?)  
Mary Hamilton, William  
Nellie   Simmons, Tom  
Patti   Burk, Thomas  
Sarah   Morrison, Hugh  
SARAH about 1730 Leader, ROBERT  
William 1827