Naismith, Robert J

Birth Name Naismith, Robert J
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1877-01-00 Canada 1900 US Census  
Immigration 1885 USA 1900 US Census  
Residence 1900-06-00 Cypress Township, Cavalier County, North Dakota, USA 1900 US Census 1a
Event Note

1900 US Census: Naismith - Robt 64, Isabella 53, Jennie R 24 (daughter - single), Robert J 23 (son - single), Margaret J 4 (granddaughter). Robt and Isabella have been married for 30 years, and Isabella has born 6 children, all of whom are living. (see Isabella wife of Joshua Foisie farther down the page). Both Robt's and Isabella's parents were born in Scotland; they were both born in Canada as were Jennie and Robert; Margaret was born in Dakota. The family immigrated in 1885. Robt is a Farmer, Jennie a Dressmaker, and Robert a Farm Labourer. All the adults can read, write, and speak English. Their farm is owned freehold, and it's listed as #19. [perhaps there is an Ag Census as in Canada, too. SJL]

Occupation 1900-06-00 Cypress Township, Cavalier County, North Dakota, USA Farm Labourer - 1900 US Census  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Naismith, Robt1836-04-00
Mother , Isabella1846-06-00
    Sister     Naismith, Isabella 1872-06-00
    Sister     Naismith, Jennie R 1875-08-00
         Naismith, Robert J 1877-01-00

Source References

  1. 1900 Census of the United States
      • Page: North Dakota/Cavalier County/Cypress Township/Supervisor's District No 199 /Enumerator's District No 44/Sheet 1/lines 84-87 & 89-90; 1900UnitedStatesFederalCensusForJoshuaFoisie.jpg