Gurney, JAMES 1 2 3a

Birth Name Gurney, JAMES
Gender male
Age at Death 45 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1847 Tring, Berkhamstead Registration District, Hertfordshire, England   4a 5a 6 3b
Residence 1851-03-30 Tring, Berkhamstead Registration District, Hertfordshire, England Lower Dunsley [Courts ?] 7a 7b
Event Note

1851 Census of England:
Gurney: Maria 30 (widow) as head of household, with Hannah 10, and George 8, at the end of this sheet (#6). At the beginning of the next sheet (#7): Daniel 6, James 4, and Charlotte 2,  Gurney. Boarder: Mary Dolderfield (?) 32, (widow).  
Born: Maria - Drayton Beauchamp, Bucks;  all children in Tring, Herts. Boarder in Wheathamstead, Herts.
Rank, Profession, or Occupation: Hannah and Daniel are Scholars.
The house is a stand-alone dwelling.

Census 1861 Tring, Berkhamstead Registration District, Hertfordshire, England Lower Dunsley 8a
Event Note

England Census 1861
Gurney, James (14), Charlotte (12) at Lower Dunsley, Tring.
James is an Ag Lab, and Charlotte a Straw Plaiter, both born Tring.
They live in a stand-alone house - mother Maria and siblings previous page.

Military Service 1867-05-27 Westminster, London City & Greater London, England 64th Regiment of Foot - see Notes 9a
Event Note

"Did come across that army paybook which my bro Ken passed on to me  telling me it was our Dad's. It turned out it must have been his father's James Gurney Pvte 1533 in the 64th Regiment of Foot enlisted in Westminster in May 1867, aged 20 and served just about 10 years a lot of it in Malta." email EJ Leader, 14 August 2013

Also: joined in London Westminster - from 131027 EJ Leader email abbrv.txt

27 Dec 2014: full paybook scanned in.

Military Service 1867 Parkhurst Camp, Isle of Wight, England   9a
Event Note

After enlistment until Malta posting Dec 3rd 1867

Military Service 1867-12-03 Valetta, Malta   9a
Event Note

Garrison Duty - December 3 1867 – March 27 1872

Military Service 1873 UK   9a 10a 10b 10c
Event Note

"The 64 th was stationed at various garrisons in Ireland between 1873 and 1875: Clare Castle
1873, Limerick 1874, Dunbar 1875. This was likely to be “police action” as needed with the
unrest which arose periodically in Ireland. In 1876 the Regiment returned to England and was
stationed at Portsmouth – this may also have been garrison duties, perhaps in support of the
UK's main Naval Base." - SJL

Military Service 1876-09-01 Aldershot, Hampshire, England   9a 10d
Military Service - Discharged 1877-05-31 Aldershot, Hampshire, England 10 year's service completed 9a
Marriage 1877-08-13 Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, England Emma Simmons 1 11a
Event Note

Specific date in julesi; quarter in Marriage Registration; own FT: children Annie, Ethel, Rose, James, George, Joseph

Residence 1881 Tring, Berkhamstead Registration District, Hertfordshire, England Lower Dunsley St 4b
Event Note

1881 Census  of England:
Gurney: James 34, Emma 28, and Amelia 1,  living at Lower Dunsley St, Tring, Herts, all born in Tring.
James is a General Labourer, Emma a Straw Plaiter. This is consistent with later Censuses. In addition Edward T Gurney 16, General Labourer, is living there as "Nephew".
The dwelling is a semi-detached [my term] as it shares a wall with the neighbors: Henry 57 and Anna 46 Bain/d. He is a Chelsea Pensioner and General Labourer born Cathargh (?) Yorkshire, and she in Tring.

[No mention of Amelia in family records - died young? Actually Hannah/Annie?]

Residence 1891 Watford, Hertfordshire, England 2 Ballards Building 12a
Event Note

1891 Census  of England:
Gurney:  James 42, Emma 38, Hannah 11,  James 8, George 5, Joseph 6 months.  
Occupation: James (Snr): General Labourer.
Born: All - Tring, Herts, except Joseph, born in Watford, Herts.
It is a stand-alone dwelling - 2 Ballard Building, St Mary's, Watford.

They have six lodgers: Rafe Smith 25, General Labourer, and William and Ann Young and  their three children.

Findmypast transcription adds "Wells Yard" - have queried.

Files: 1891EnglandCensusFor JamesGurney.jpg and 1891EnglandCensusForGeorgeGurney.jpg.

Note: An overseas researcher, Julie Simmons, with Gurney family links say that Ballards Building was “One of the worst slums in the town, over crowded.” and resultingly unhealthy. When we see that James and Emma have six lodgers it lends weight to the suggestion. [“julesi” in the Simmons Family Tree – and . See also article: from which the map is sourced.] - SJL

Death 1892     2
Event Note

"Both Emma? and James died young, leaving their daughter Annie to raise the family". In GFV1

There is a likely death registration for James in September 1898, and Julie Simmons says July 1898 (and may have a certificate) - see Note for 1891 Census. Emma not in 1901 Census. - SJL

Death 1898-07-00 Watford, Hertfordshire, England in julesi  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gurney, DAVID18211848-10-00
Mother Tidder, MARIA18211897-09-00
    Sister     Gurney, Hannah 1841
    Brother     Gurney, George 1843
    Brother     Gurney, Daniel 1845
         Gurney, JAMES 1847 1892
    Sister     Gurney, Charlotte 1849


Family of Gurney, JAMES and Simmons, EMMA

Married Wife Simmons, EMMA ( * 1853 + 1900 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Gurney, ?Ethel
Gurney, ?Rose
Gurney, Hannah/Annie1880
Gurney, James1882-05-10
Gurney, GEORGE1885-05-031968-03-17
Gurney, Joseph1890-03-16

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