Scales, Sarah

Birth Name Scales, Sarah
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Baptism 1731-11-14 Tivetshall St Mary, Norfolk, England   1a
Marriage 1751-10-07 Tivetshall St Mary, Norfolk, England Probable 2nd Marriage - Sarah Scales 2a
Event Note

The parish of Tivetshall St Mary, Norfolk, is 8.3 miles from Thrandeston, so within reasonable distance. The key indicator of this marriage being correct is that the Parish Register notes the groom as "Robt Leeder of Thrandeston". The timing makes better sense for the children to be theirs with the first born in 1753.

NB The righthand page is crossed for some reason - years 1741-2 - e ntries for St Mary's. In 1742 Robt Leader and Elizabeth Lincoln married on April 30th. Humphrey Christian is the Curate.

On the left-hand page under 1752 Thomas Hambler (??) and Elizabeth Leader (?) married on Dec 19th.

Register says is for St Mary's. - SJL

Burial 1807-04-26   age 77; Leeder (Widow) 3a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Scales, John
Mother , Ann1761-05-15
    Brother     Scales, James 1726-04-30
    Sister     Scales, Elizabeth 1727-06-30 1727-09-14
    Sister     Scales, Hannah 1730-06-07
         Scales, Sarah 1731-11-14 1807-04-26
    Brother     Scales, John 1732/3-01-28 (Julian)
    Brother     Scales, Philip 1734-09-22


Family of Leader, ROBERT and Scales, Sarah

Married Husband Leader, ROBERT ( * about 1728 + 1799-01-13 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Leader, Jonathan
Leader, Sarah
Leader, Elizabeth
Leeder, Ann
Leader, Mary1758-02-26
Leader, Jane1770-12-28
Leeder, ROBERT1846-03-10

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        Age at death fits Sarah Scales so more likely her than Sarah Rudder.