Gaffney, MARY JANE

Birth Name Gaffney, MARY JANE
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 1 month, 13 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1813 County Leitrim, Ireland   1a 2a 3a
Birth about 1815 Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada District #2 Township  
Immigration 1824 New York, New York, USA   1a
Immigration 1827 Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   4a 5 6 1a
Marriage 1837 Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   1a
Residence 1861-01-14 Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   2a
Event Note

1861 Census of Canada:
Allan[sic]: Mechal [sic] 46, Mary 46, Marg Ann (?) 22 , Bridget 18, George 16, John 14, William 12, Catherine 8.
Born: Mechal and Mary - Ireland; Children: UC [Upper Canada]
Occupation: Mechal is a Farmer.
Dwelling: the family lives in a log, one storey house and do not share it with anyone else.

With thanks to Bunnage FT as couldn't find this with these spellings. - SJL

Residence 1877-04-21 Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   4 5
Religion     Roman Catholic  
Residence 1878 Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada Moved into town 1a
Event Note

Obituary says "resided on her farm in Guelph Township until 1878, when she moved into town and resided there until her death." As it also states that she died at her son-in-law's (Daniel Keleher, Suffolk St) it seems likely that this is where she had moved to. - SJL

Death 1897-02-14 Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   3a

14 April 2017: Major brickwall finally crumbles after four years of coming back to it. Started with the original Leader family tree information - Mary Jane Gaffney b. Ireland m. Michael Allen b. Ireland! With thanks to rbw1095 at find a grave for the entries created July 30 2016.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gaffney, John?
         Gaffney, MARY JANE 1813 1897-02-14


Family of Allen, MICHAEL and Gaffney, MARY JANE

Married Husband Allen, MICHAEL ( * 1819 + 1863-05-01 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Allen, ?Jane
Allen, Marjorie18391874-02-00
Allen, BRIDGET1843-10-161922-05-20
Allen, George18441878-10-00
Allen, John1847
Allen, William1849-07-031865-12-20
Allen, Katherine1853-05-141923-11-01

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