Allen, ?Jane 1a

Birth Name Allen, ?Jane
Gender female


According to the Obituary Mary Jane Gaffney Leader is survived by three daughters, and as only two are alive there may be an unrecorded daughter who married a Benn and lived in Hamilton, Ontario.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth     ?1842-1901 2a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Allen, MICHAEL18191863-05-01
Mother Gaffney, MARY JANE18131897-02-14
    Sister     Allen, Marjorie 1839 1874-02-00
         Allen, ?Jane
    Sister     Allen, BRIDGET 1843-10-16 1922-05-20
    Brother     Allen, George 1844 1878-10-00
    Brother     Allen, John 1847
    Brother     Allen, William 1849-07-03 1865-12-20
    Sister     Allen, Katherine 1853-05-14 1923-11-01


Family of Benn and Allen, ?Jane

Married Husband Benn ( * + ... )

Source References

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      • Obituary for Mary Gaffney Allen 1897
      • Citation:

        Obituary 18 February 1897 on page 1.

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