Leader, Mary Jane

Birth Name Leader, Mary Jane
Nick Name Jennie
Birth Name Leader, Ann Leader [sic]
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1871-03-23 Pilkington Township, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada Ann Leader Leader on Birth Registration 1a
Birth 1871 Elora, Centre Wellington, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada 1871 Census  
Census 1871-05-02 Pilkington Township, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   2a
Census 1881 Peel, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   3a
Marriage 1893-12-06 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada   4a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leader, Ephriam18521875-04-09
Mother Jones, Maryabout 1850
         Leader, Mary Jane 1871-03-23
    Sister     [Living], [Living]


Type Value Notes Sources
Merged Gramps ID I0303

Source References

  1. Ontario BMD Online
      • Page: #6042/1844886/004018488/00459; Person Details for Ephraim Leader in entry for Ann Leader Leader, 'Ontario Births, 1869-1912' — FamilySearch.org.htm and Ann Leader Leader b 1871 record-image_S3HY-61N9-L71.jpg and 1871 Ann Leader Wellington ON ONMS929_4-0457.jpg and 1871 Ann Leader Wellington ON.jpg
  2. 1871 Census of Canada
      • Page: CA/ON/34/A/Division 2/Pilkington/pg 39/lines 2-4/Schedule 1; 1871 Census of Canada Ephraham Mary and Mary Jane Leader 4396297_00341.pdf
      • Citation:

        Canada Census 1871

        Leader: Ephraham [sic] 28 , Mary 30, Mary Jane 1 month (possibly b. March); all born England; Ehpriam is a farmer; all Wesleyan Methodist; all English; married in last 12 months.

        NB Other pages (Schedules) of the Census are available for 1871:
        3. Return of Public Institutions, Real Estate, Vehicles, and Implements
        1871 Canada Census Ephraim and Mary Leader's holdings 4396297_00349.jpg
        - nil

        4. Return of Cultivated Land, of Field Products, and of Plants and Fruits
        1871 Canada Census Ephraim and Mary Leader's dwelling 4396297_00349.jpg
        - Tenants of Concession 2, Lot 2

        5. Return of Livestock, Animal produsts, home-made fabrics and furs
        1871 Canada Census Ephraim and Mary Leader's livestock 4396297_00349.jpg

        7. Return of Products of the Forest
        1871 Canada Census Ephraim and Mary Leader's forest 4396297_00349.jpg
        - nil

        8: Return of Shipping and Fisheries
        1871 Canada Census Ephraim and Mary Leader's shipping and fish 4396297_00349.jpg
        - nil

        Comment: for everyone who is an owner rather than a tenant these schedules provide a lot of interesting information! - SJL

  3. 1881 Census of Canada
      • Page: 1881/CA/ON/132 Centre Wellington/Township of Peel/Divisions 3/pg 47/lines 10-14; 1881 Census of Canada Mary - Annie J - Mary Jane - Betsey - Leader Peel- e008192016.jpg
      • Citation:

        1881 Canada Census

        Leader: Mary, 39, b Wales, Hotel Keeper, Widow; Annie J, 20; Mary Jane 10; Betsey 8; and Myers, John, 6; all but Mary b. Ontario; all Wesleyan Methodist and English. MAry Jane, Besey, and John are all attending school.

        [A challenge: Annie J Leader can't be Mary's daughter so presumably is .... and who is John Myers? - SJL]

  4. Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada, Archives of Ontario: Ontario Marriages 1869-1927
      • Page: CA/Wentworth/Hamilton/013221; 1893 Jennie Leader m Fram Dickson Boyes.jpg and 1893 Jennie Leader m Fram Dickson Boyes ONMS932_84-0294.jpg
      • Citation:

        Both aged 23, Fram is a Clerk; residence when married Hamilton; Fram is a Presbyterian, Jennie a Methodist, Jeenie born Elora, Fram Angus ON; witnesses: George Siddall, Mary Siddall, of Hamilton; Minister J Tovell; by License.