Foisie, LOUIS

Birth Name Foisie, LOUIS
Gender male
Age at Death about 61 years, 8 days


The Leader family history ("William Leader 1804 & descendants") states that Louis Foisie immigrated to Canada from France about 1834, and that he was married to "An English Girl". Extended checking indicates that the date and origin are very unlikely, but may apply to Louis's father - research on this not started as at 15 Oct 2013.

Documentation from various Canadian Censuses and Births, Marriages, and Deaths registers has been followed instead. This is tricky as the (obviously Anglophone) Census Enumerators give a variety of spellings of Louis including Loe, Loi, and Liue, and Foisie is variously Foisey, Foesea, Fossie, and Losey. Transcriber errors contribute to the confusion.

However, the residence remains constant, as do the growing family members (and their eventual spouses), and these are consistent with the family history.

The "English Girl"  is consistently named Mary in the Censuses, and a marriage record exists for Louis Foisie and Mary Johnson.

Interestingly, it appears that Louis and Mary, Joshua, and Louis Jr and his eventual wife Rebecka, immigrated to North Dakota, USA, in 1887. As Isabel  (Joshua's eventual wife) went first in 1885, I don't know who followed who! In the 1900 US Census both brothers stated their father was born in France, so who knows? (Louis 'Loi' died in 1888 in North Dakota)

I've made use of the (largely well documented) Family Trees (FT) from and discussions from RootsWeb. These FTs often only have only one member - their link - in depth, but were very useful for pointing the way and filling gaps!
- Harris FT by liaharris90
- Seamark/Peach FT by LSeamark52
- Wagner/Macklin FT by oldogg456
- Mclachan/Atkinson Tree: RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project  mclachlan_atkinson tree.htm


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1827 France 1851 Census  
Event Note

RootsWeb Mclachan/Atkinson Tree; "Lewis" m. "Marie" b 1826

Birth 1831   1871 Census: "Q" under province - [Quebec?] 1a
Immigration about 1834 Paris, France Family sources: Immigrated to Canada c 1834 2
Residence 1851 Bentinck, Grey County, Ontario, Canada 1851 Census 3a
Event Note

1851 Census Canada: Foisies seem to be labourers living with and working for Mr and Mrs Thomas Huckle (see pg 2).

Event Note

1851 Census of Canada:
Fosea: Loe 25 and Mrs Loe 23*.

Occupation: Loe is a Labourer
Born: Loe - Montreal [NB there is a large capital F beside this - France?] and Mrs Loe - England
Religion: Loe - Church of Rome, Mrs Loe - Church of England

*ages at next birthday

Residence 1861 Bentinck, Grey County, Ontario, Canada 1861 Census 4a
Event Note

1861 Census of Canada:
Foisie: Lieu 33, Mary 30, Jane 12, Sarah 10, Emma 6, Elizabeth 3.
Occupation: Farmer ?
Origin: Lieu - Lower (?) Canada, Mary - England, children - Canada
Religion: E of M [transcriber says Wesleyan Methodist]
Children attending school: 3
Houses: [Material]: Log
No of stories [sic]: 1
No of Families living in House: 1

Residence 1871 Bentinck, Grey County, Ontario, Canada 1871 Census 1a
Event Note

1871 Census of Canada:
Foisie:  Louis 40, Mary 40, Ann 16, Emma 14, Elizabeth 11, Lenna 7, Joshua 6, Ezeikiel 3, and John 10mths (b. June).
Born: Louis - Q [Quebec?], Mary England, children all Ontario.
Religion: Methodist Episcopal [transcriber's decision]
Origin:Mary - English, Louis and children - French
Occupation: Louis is a Farmer.

Residence   Bentinck, Grey County, Ontario, Canada 1881 Census 5a
Event Note

1881 Census of Canada:
Fosie: Louis 51, Mary 51, Sarah A 25, Joshua 15,  Ezekeil [sic] 12, Louis 7.
[Using data from "1881 Census of Canada -"  as the original - 1881CensusofCanadaForLouisFosie.jpg - very hard to read.]

Immigration 1887 Cypress Township, Cavalier County, North Dakota, USA to US - see Note 6a
Death 1888-01-09 Cypress Township, Cavalier County, North Dakota, USA   7a 8a
Event Note

Joan Sandles notes on her Foisie FT on My Heritage that Louis "died Jan 9 1888, accident, died in snowstorm".

Burial 1888 Cypress Township, Cavalier County, North Dakota, USA Woodbridge Cemetery; headstone image available 7a
Event Note

Shared stone: Mary and 'Loi', appears to back onto one of the son's

Loi Foisie               Mary Foisie
Died                       Died
Jan 9 1888           Sept 25 1901
Aged                     Aged
60 Years              74 Years

Gone but not Forgotten (image available)


Family of Foisie, LOUIS and Johnson, MARY

Married Wife Johnson, MARY ( * about 1829 + 1901-09-25 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Foisie, Marshall
Foisie, Johnny
Foisie, ?Johanna
Foisie, Mary Jane1848
Foisie, Sarah Anna1851
Foisie, Emma1855
Foisie, Elizabethabout 1858
Foisie, LENA18631951
Foisie, Joshua1866-02-001950
Foisie, Ezekiel1868
Foisie, Louis John1873-07-03

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