Leader, Velma M

Birth Name Leader, Velma M
Gender female
Age at Death 13 years, 4 months, 30 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1903-12-20 Burnside, Portage la Prarie, Manitoba, Canada see also headstone 1a 2a
Birth 1902-12-00   1911 Canada Census  
Census 1906-07-10 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada   3a
Event Note

1906 Census of Canada:

lines 9-14
Leader: Thomas 62 & Bridget  63 (nee Allen); Boarders: Mary 12 &  Jennie 10 Brown; Hired men: Thomas Kale 30  &  John Harrison 32 .
Born: Thomas and Bridget - England, the girls in Manitoba, and the hired men in Nova Scotia.
Thomas immigrated from England in 1873 [cf other Censuses]. Location: 25? 11 8 W
Horses, all ages: 10
Milch cows: 5
Hogs and pigs, all ages: 2

[As Thomas E and Alberta (Brown) Leader appear further down the page, perhaps the Boarders are related to Alberta. SJL]

lines 18-21
Leader: Thomas Jr 30, Alberta 21, Velma 3, Mural 2; Thomas and the girls are b MN, Alberta b ON;
Location: 36 (just below 36 11 8 W
Horses, all ages: 17
Milch cows: 7
Hogs and pigs, all ages: 3


Census 1911 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada   4a
Event Note

1911 Census of Canada (lines 24-29) shows that in addition to Thomas 67 (b. Dec 1843) and Bridget 68 (b. Oct 1842), the household included two granddaughters, one grandson and one servant:

- Mary Brown (b Dec 1893)
- Jane Brown (b. Mar 1986)
- Henry McCulloch (b. Sep 1901)
- Thomas Barrett (b. May 1887) - servant

Yet the 1906 Census shows them as Boarders:
- Mary Brown (12)
- Jennie Brown (10)
with Hired Men:
- Kale Thomas (30)
- John Harrison (32)

[A clue may be in the 1901 Census which has: Jennie Brown 37 as widowed head of household, with daughters Frederica 12, Mary K. 7 and Jennie 5. Perhaps Jennie Brown is Alberta (Brown) Leader's sister-in-law. And Henry may be Mary (Leader) McCulloch's son. Speculation by SJL]

NB Thomas immigrated 1850 cf other Censuses.


Lines 18-23

Leader: Thomas  35 (June 1875); Bertha 26 (April 1885); Velma (transcribed Nelina) 8 (Dec 1902); Muriel 7 (February 1903); Pauline 6 (May 1904). Rothwell, Edward 30 (April 1881) is a servant (laborer on the farm); Irish and Methodist.




Census 1916-06-01 Rural Municipality of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada 11-8-1W 2b 2a
Death 1917-05-19 Burnside, Portage la Prarie, Manitoba, Canada   5a 1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leader, Thomas Ephriam1876-06-011916-07-10
Mother Brown, Alberta1875-06-001956
         Leader, Velma M 1903-12-20 1917-05-19
    Sister     Leader, Muriel Olga 1903-02-00
    Sister     Leader, Pauline 1904-05-00 1980
    Sister     Leader, Adeline Eldine 1911-07-27

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      • Citation:

        BBunnage is an established researcher in this family line so confident that full date details correct. See Canadian Headstones reference for confirmation and her existence recorded once in 1916 Canada Census, - SJL

  2. 1916 Census of Canada
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        1916 Canada Census

        Lns 32-34, Dwellinghouse #94.

        Leader: Thos 72, Mrs Thos 73; Thos b England, immigrated 1862; Mrs Thos b Canada; Thos is "English C", and Mrs Thos is Presbyterian; Mr and Mrs Thos are Farmers [though the women marked as Farmers seem to have had that struck out - SJL].

        Living with them is Elger, Kate, 60; she is a Servant in the house; otherwise same details as Mrs Thos; all Read and Write and none speak French.

        Lns 35-40, Dwellinghouse #95.
        Leader: Thos J (Jr? as Father above) 41, Mrs Thos 31, Velma 13, Murial 12, Pauline 11, Adeline 4. All are born in Canada, all Presbyterians except Thos Jr who is "English C", Mr and Mrs Thos Jr are Farmers, all Read and Write and none speak French.

        NB The headstone shared with Thomas E, Alberta, and Pauline, was the only reference to Velma I had found, so went back and checked the 1906 Census and Lo! she appears - SJL March 10 2019.

      • Page: MN/8/11/11/Portage 711 R8W1/pg 16 amended to pg 10; Thomas Leader and Thomas E Leader 1916 Canada Census 31228_4363958-00193.pdf
      • Citation:

        1916 Census of Canada - Portage la Prairie - 2 families:

        Thomas Leader 72 and Mrs Thos Leader 75, and Kate Elger 60. Thomas is English Church, the others Presbyterian. All can read and write English. Thomas is a Farmer, Kate a Servant (House) and single. Thomas born in England, immigrated in 1862 - consistent with other Censuses.

        In a separate house next door: Thomas J Leader 41, Mrs Thos Leader 31, and Velma 13, Mural 12, Pauline 11, Adeline 4  - all born Canada. Thomas is English Church, the others Presbyterian. All can read and write English except Adeline. Thomas is a Farmer.

        No-one is undertaking military service.

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  5. Canadian Headstones: Manitoba
      • Page: https://canadianheadstones.com/search-item.html?psid=1718710; 1917 Thos E Leader family headstone includes Velma 109070350_1478018544.jpg
      • Citation:

        Hillside Cemetery, Section 28, Portage la Prairie, MN

        Headstone transcription:


        Thomas E. Leader
        Husband of Alberta Leader

        Velma M. Leader

        Alberta Leader

        Pauline E. Leader