Mcbeath, Peter Thomas

Birth Name Mcbeath, Peter Thomas
Nick Name Thomas Peter
Gender male
Age at Death 77 years, 9 months, 9 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1804-02-02 Kilmadock Parish, Stirling Council Area, Scotland 1st registration - James Mcbeath & Katherine Chalmers 1a
Event Note

Despite the family records (A Short Bio - William Leader 1804 etc) Thomas Peter/Peter Thomas is not the father of the line. His brother Malcom Mcbeath m Elizabeth Drummond is. All records double-checked and listed in Citations. - SJL 2013-14

Christening 1804-02-05 Kilmadock Parish, Stirling Council Area, Scotland 1st Registration 1a
Birth 1804-02-09 Callander, Stirling Council Area, Scotland 2nd registration: James Mcbeath & Catharine Chalmers 1b
Christening 1804-02-13 Callander, Stirling Council Area, Scotland 2nd registration 1b
Residence 1814 Kirkline [Kirk Lane], Blair Drummond Moss, Stirling Council Area, Scotland #20 2a
Event Note

1814 Moss Census (Blair Drummond Moss):
Kirk Lane No20

Former Possessor: James Ferguson

Present Possessor: James McBeth 52 yrs
Ann Chalmers 52   "

Children; Jannet 21 yrs
Christian 19   "
Catherine 15   "
James 13   "
Malcolm 11   "
Peter 8   "
Rebecca 5   "

Persons deceased: Thomas 3/4 no entry for date Croup

Years Settled on the Moss: 14 years

Where they came from: Callander

Cats 1
Dogs -
Poultry 2
Swine 1
Sheep -
Cows 2
Horses -
Harrows -
Plough -
Carts -

Note eldest daughter Elizabeth b 1787 not living with family - married?

“The Moss Lairds”, excerpted from Perthshire in History and Legend, pp.htm; Moss Census 1814.htm

Marriage 1829-11-17 Drymen, Stirling Council Area, Scotland Margaret Finlayson McLaren (not Elizabeth Drummond) 3a
Event Note

Despite family history ( EJL1 and EJL2) the marriage was between Malcom Mcbeath and Elizabeth Drummond not Thomas Peter - marriage and all births for all children make this clear. - SJL

Occupation     Shoemaker  
Death 1881-11-11 Drymen, Stirling Council Area, Scotland   3b
Event Note

Died at 3h: AM. Cause of death "diseased stomach and liver"; length: "years"; present: Colin McBeath (son) at Drymen. Certified by Charles Saunderson (?) MRCP Edin+, Registrar D Stewart.

Peter Thomas was a Shoemaker, widower of Margaret Mclaren, and his parents were James McBeath, Crofter (deceased) and Katherine McBeath, MS(?) Chalmers (deceased)


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Mcbeath, JAMES1761-04-211863
Mother Chalmers, KATHRINE1763
    Sister     Mcbeath, Janet 1790-05-19
    Sister     Mcbeath, Christian 1792-06-01
    Sister     Mcbeath, Katherine 1794-10-24
    Brother     Mcbeath, James 1797
    Brother     Mcbeath, MALCOM 1799-08-12 1868-11-07
    Brother     Mcbeath, Thomas 1802-05-16 before 1814
         Mcbeath, Peter Thomas 1804-02-02 1881-11-11
    Sister     Mcbeath, Rebeckah 1807-07-19
    Sister     Mcbeath, Rebecca 1808-07-27 before 1832


Family of Mcbeath, Peter Thomas and Finlayson Mclaren, Margaret

Married Wife Finlayson Mclaren, Margaret ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Mcbeath, Rebekah
Mcbeath, Mary1829-08-21
Mcbeath, James1830-08-11
Mcbeath, Colin1833-08-14
Mcbeath, Cosmo1835-02-13
Mcbeath, Peter1837-05-10

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