Leader, Robert 1

Birth Name Leader, Robert
Gender male
Age at Death 32 years, 5 months, 22 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1845 Saffron Walden, Wimbish, Essex, England Quarter 1 2a
Event Note

Essex claimed as Thomas's birth place in 1901 Canada Census and in 1804 Short Bio.
[Isabella, Robert, and Shadrach also born Saffron Walden]

Birth 1845 Suffolk, England   1 3a 4a
Census 1851-03-31 Yaxley, Suffolk, England "Leeder" - Yaxley St, possibly at Bull Inn 3a
Event Note

1851 Census of England
Leeder: Wm [William] 43, Jane 39, Joshua 20, Henry 13, Issabella 11, Thomas 9, Robert 6, Shadrack 2.
Occupation: Wm - Farm Lab, Joshua (single) Pauper Cripple, Henry - Farm Boy; Issabella, Thomas, Robert - Scholars
Born: Yaxley, Suffolk - All

Note: on one side of their home is an empty house, on the other two new houses are being built. - SJL

Education 1851-03-31 Yaxley, Suffolk, England Scholar 3a
Census 1861-01-14 Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   5a
Event Note

1861 Census of Canada:
 Leader: Wm 54, Jane 50, Thos 17, Robt 15, Shadbiach (sic) 13, Ellen 14, Ephraim 9, William 6.
Occupation: Wm, Thos, Robt, and Shadbiach - Labourer
Born - England all except William who is born in UC [Upper Canada]
Religion: CE - all
Dwelling: 1 1/2 storey log, 1 family

[If Marg or Mary Currie 71 Widow Scotland, UP; Menzies Currie 36 Single same; and Eliz'beth Brownworth (?) 6, born UC but resident in Pilkington turn up anywhere they may be living in the house, too. Listed as Not Family Male, Family Female, and Not Family Female so rather confused and next residence unclear which line applies to. - SJL]

[Update: Service Record WW1 for Fred Wilbert Leader b 1899 Guelph lists Mrs James Currie, Aunt, Galt St, Hespler, as next-of-kin. - SJL 29/04/17]

Occupation 1861-01-14 Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada Labourer 5a
Marriage 1864-02-06 Wellington County, Ontario, Canada Hillier, Prince Edward 6a
Marriage     see Note 4b
Census 1871 Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   7a
Event Note

1871 Canadian Cenus Leader: Robert 25, Sarah 24, Emma 7, Jane 5, James 3, Caroline 2 months. Robert is a Stonecutter.

Religion     Anglican  
Death 1877-06-23   from headstone  
Event Note

Headstone shared by Ephraim and Robert.

Ephraim Leader
Died April 9 1875
Aged 25 Years

Robert Leader
Died June 23 1877
Aged 32 Years.

[Unreadable material at base of stone - SJL.]

Sourced from Leader FT done by bluegrass419 probably from Jackson FT by wandaswand (or vice versa) on ancestry.com.au


(Image available)

Event Note

JoAnn Clark has 08 July 1877 (burial date?)


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leader, WILLIAM1807-01-251886-08-28
Mother Aldrich, JANE18121889
    Sister     Leader, Marjorie/Maria about 1830
    Brother     Leader, 1st Joshua 1831
    Brother     Leader, 2nd Joshua 1831-10-00 1905-05-18
    Sister     Leeder, Jane 1835 1896-09-20
    Sister     Leader, Susannah 1836-11-20
    Brother     Leader, Henry 1838-06-10 1896-05-22
    Sister     Leader, Isabelle 1841-06-07 1924-07-01
    Brother     Leader, THOMAS 1842 1917-06-02
         Leader, Robert 1845 1877-06-23
    Sister     Leader, Mary Ann Ellen 1847-05-17 1917-08-06
    Brother     Leader, Frederick/Shadrach 1849-07-02 1875
    Brother     Leader, Henry 1850 1896-05-22
    Brother     Leader, Ephriam 1852 1875-04-09
    Brother     Leader, William 1854-02-20 1941


Family of Leader, Robert and Ray, Sarah

Married Wife Ray, Sarah ( * 1846 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Leader, Jane1862
Leader, Emily Mary1865
Leader, James18681932-06-21
Leader, Robert18731913-07-19
Leader, Clara1877

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