Leader, 2nd Joshua 1

Birth Name Leader, 2nd Joshua
Birth Name Leader, 2nd Joshua
Gender male
Age at Death 73 years, 7 months, 17 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1831-10-00 England   2a
Birth 1831 England 1881 Census  
Baptism 1831-12-25 Yaxley, Suffolk, England as son of William and Jane Aldrige 3a
Event Note

As Joshua is listed hereafter as Leeder/Leader son of William so I am presuming that this is an error by the Minister (Robert Rose) who also baptised Maria on 5 Jan as daughter of Jane Aldrige only. He also married William and Jane on 5 Jan - presumably after baptising Maria. SPECULATION: perhaps neither child was William's, but he lent his name and raised them as his own. - SJL.

Census 1861-01-14 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   4a 4b
Immigration 1852   not very clear 2a
Residence 1867 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada Concession 3, Lot 17, freehold 5a
Event Note

Note that John Armstrong is at Concession 1, Lot 8, as a Householder.

Census 1871-04-02 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   6a 5b
Census 1881-04-04 Amaranth, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada good evidence but still not sure ours 7a
Event Note

Amaranth changed from Wellington County to Dufferin County in 1881 - see http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/%7Eonduffer/townships/amaranth.html

Census 1891-04-24 Amaranth, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada   8a
Event Note

William and his wife Annie and son Joseph in own home lines 11-13; Joshua, Mary E, Joshua E, Mary E, and Elizabeth Agnes (?) are lines 14-18.

Census 1901-03-31 Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   2a
Event Note

1901 Canada Census

Joshaua (sic) 70 and Elizabeth (70) Leader, daughter Mary E Leader 30, granddaughter Elizabeth Burgress 17, and their "domestic" Louis Middleton 15. Joshaua b England, Elizabeth Ireland, and rest Ontario. J All Methodist except Louis who is a United Brethren.

Death 1905-05-18 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada   9a 10a 11a 11b 11c 11d


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leader, WILLIAM1807-01-251886-08-28
Mother Aldrich, JANE18121889
    Sister     Leader, Marjorie/Maria about 1830
    Brother     Leader, 1st Joshua 1831
         Leader, 2nd Joshua 1831-10-00 1905-05-18
    Sister     Leeder, Jane 1835 1896-09-20
    Sister     Leader, Susannah 1836-11-20
    Brother     Leader, Henry 1838-06-10 1896-05-22
    Sister     Leader, Isabelle 1841-06-07 1924-07-01
    Brother     Leader, THOMAS 1842 1917-06-02
    Brother     Leader, Robert 1845 1877-06-23
    Sister     Leader, Mary Ann Ellen 1847-05-17 1917-08-06
    Brother     Leader, Frederick/Shadrach 1849-07-02 1875
    Brother     Leader, Henry 1850 1896-05-22
    Brother     Leader, Ephriam 1852 1875-04-09
    Brother     Leader, William 1854-02-20 1941


Family of Leader, 2nd Joshua and Armstrong, Elizabeth Mary

Married Wife Armstrong, Elizabeth Mary ( * 1832 + 1905-11-18 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
[Living], [Living]
Leader, Mary
Leader, Annabout 1857
Leader, Annabout 1857
Leader, Margery Mariaabout 1858
Leader, James Henry1858-09-241909-12-14
Leader, Johnabout 1859
Leader, Janeabout 1859
Leader, Elizabeth Ellenabout 1860
Leader, Isabella (?Elizabeth Ellen mistranscription?)1860-09-101935-06-29
Leader, Margret Janeabout 1863
Leader, William Thomas1864-10-221937-04-22
Leader, Elisabeth or Mary E1870-10-09
Leader, Joshua or Joshua Eabout 18711915-02-14


Type Value Notes Sources
Merged Gramps ID I0666

Source References

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        Joshaua [sic] Leader, head, 70; Elizabeth Leader 70, wife, b Ireland; Mary E Leader, daughter, 30, Ontario; Elizabeth Burgus [sic], grandaughter, Onario; Louis Middleton, domestic, 15, Ontario.

        [Granddaughter probably Burgess - b 4 June 1885 (based on being 16 - year not clear - SJL]

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        1. Leader: Joshua 31 b. England,  Mary 27 b. Ireland, Ann 4, John 2 both b Upper Canada. All English Church. 1 story log cabin, 100 acres;

        2. Leader: Joshua 30, Mary 28 b. Ireland, Ann 4, Jane 2 b. Upper Canada. All English Church.  1 story log cabin, 100 acres.

         The Agricultural Census also lists 2 Joshuas lns 17 & 23, but lot appears to be the same though usages differ.


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        Leader: Joshua 41, Elizabeth 40, James Henry 14, Marjory Maria 13, Elizabeth Ellen 11, Margaret Jane 8, William Thomas 6. Joshua b England, Elizabeth Ireland, children Ontario. All Church of England. Joshua is a farmer and all children are going to school.


  7. 1881 Census of Canada
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        Leader: Joshua 50, Elizabeth 50, James H 24, Margery 22, Isabella 20, Margret [sic] 18,  William 16, Joshua 10, Elizabeth 5.

        Born: Joshua England, Elizabeth Ireland, and all children Ontario. All PMC, and only Joshua jr going to school. Joshua sr is a farmer.

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        Leader: Joshua 60, Mary E 60, Joshua E 20, Mary E 15, Elizabeth Agnes 8. Joshua b England, Mary E b Ireland, children Ontario.

  9. JoAnn Clark
      • Page: email Photo Credits 18 Oct 2013
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        "Leader, Joshua b 1831 Yaxley, reported on 1851 census as a cripple unable to work, but he came to Canada with the rest of the family a few years later, married, had 9 children,ran his own farm in amaranth twp, Dufferin county, general vicinity of Orangeville where brother Henry lived, and died in amaranth 18 May 1905. Amazing!"

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        Ill six months with cystitis.

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        Also survived by a sister: Mrs F Campbell Iowa

      • Page: Gravestone Inscriptons of Greenwood Cemetery; WT Leader A Duke J and E Leader gravestone inscription.pdf, WT Leader A Duke J and E Leader gravestone inscription 2.pdf
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        "Death of Joshua Leader - Joshua Leader, an old
        resident of Amaranth township, died at his home,
        lot 17, con. 3, on Thursday last, aged 74 years.
        Death followed an operation for the relief of
        cystitis. Deceased was a native of England.
        Interment took place in Orangeville cemetery."

      • Date: 1905-05-25
      • Page: Orangeville Sun; 1905 Joshua Leader death notice Orangeville Sun.pdf