Leader, Joshua or Joshua E

Birth Name Leader, Joshua or Joshua E
Gender male
Age at Death about 44 years, 1 month, 13 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1871 Ontario, Canada 1881 Canada Census  
Birth 1879-03-24   1901 Canada Census  
Event Note

Although 1901 Census says 24/03/1879 it also says age is 28 which gives a date of 1873 which is closer to other information. - SJL

Census 1881-04-04 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada    
Census 1891-04-24 Amaranth, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada see Note 1a
Event Note

"Joshua E"

Census 1901 Amaranth, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada   2
Event Note

1901 Canadian Census: Leader, Joshua E 28, Florence E, 18, Joshua C 1. Appears to be a Farmer.

Residence 1908-03-00 Shelburne, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada   3a
Death 1915-02-14 Shelburne, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada   4a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leader, 2nd Joshua1831-10-001905-05-18
Mother Armstrong, Elizabeth Mary18321905-11-18
    Brother     Leader, James Henry 1858-09-24 1909-12-14
    Sister     Leader, Margery Maria about 1858
    Sister     Leader, Elizabeth Ellen about 1860
    Sister     Leader, Isabella (?Elizabeth Ellen mistranscription?) 1860-09-10 1935-06-29
    Sister     Leader, Margret Jane about 1863
    Brother     Leader, William Thomas 1864-10-22 1937-04-22
         Leader, Joshua or Joshua E about 1871 1915-02-14
    Sister     Leader, Elisabeth or Mary E 1870-10-09
    Sister     [Living], [Living]
    Sister     Leader, Ann about 1857
    Sister     Leader, Ann about 1857
    Sister     Leader, Jane about 1859
    Brother     Leader, John about 1859
    Sister     Leader, Mary


Family of Leader, Joshua or Joshua E and Middleton, Florence Elena

Unknown Partner Middleton, Florence Elena ( * 1882-06-14 + before 1911 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Leader, Clifford Joshua1900-03-231918-08-28
Leader, David Ernest1902-07-161983-11-14
Leader, Herbert John1907-04-10

Source References

  1. 1891 Census of Canada
      • Page: 1891 Canada/ON/126/North Wellington/A/1; 1891 William and Annie and Joshua and Mary 30953_148178-00608.pdf
      • Citation:

        Leader: Joshua 60, Mary E 60, Joshua E 20, Mary E 15, Elizabeth Agnes 8. Joshua b England, Mary E b Ireland, children Ontario.

  2. 1901 Census of Canada
  3. Dufferin County Museum: Dufferin County Museum & Archives
      • Date: 1908-03-05
      • Page: Orangeville Banner; 1908 land sale J Leader Orangeville Banner.pdf
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        Sells Shelburne residence.

  4. Ontario Deaths,1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947
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      • Citation:

        Mother is Mary Elizabeth ARMSTRONG as reported by William Leader of Laurel; cause: heart failure after eight days of [Lab??] Pneumonia.